Brother Oliver’s Self-portrait #7

My Disciples,

After viewing Brother Oliver’s last self-portrait, several of you expressed concern for his health and Brother Henry’s and My safety.  Brother Oliver decided that he might have pushed his zombie impression a little too far, so he decided to change things up a bit for the seventh installment in his self-portrait series.  He calls today’s image “Brother Oliver’s Happy Place”, and he took it while he was laying on one of the Guardian’s laps.

Brother Oliver's Happy Place

Brother Oliver’s Self-portrait #7- Brother Oliver’s Happy Place

Well, he certainly does look happy.  He also looks a lot less frightening than he did in his last photo.  Hmmmmm…this makes Me wonder if that white blanket is still on the couch.  If you will excuse Me, My Disciples, I must go investigate and possibly nap.

So Sayeth Otis

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8 responses to “Brother Oliver’s Self-portrait #7

  1. Happy perhaps but it could be a ‘come here little birdie’ sly look too…

    • If Brother Oliver thought the look would get little birdies to come to him, he would definitely use it. The little birdies are fortunate that the Guardians love them as well.

  2. purrfect study of stillness…very tao of Brother Oliver…

  3. That is a very seductive look he’s got on his comfy white blanket!

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