I Didn’t Mean to Petrify Him!

My Disciples,

Yesterday, I spent some time hanging out on the large cat tree with drawers in front of the windows.  At some point I must have drifted off, but when I awoke I was startled to find that a crunchy little bird had landed right next to me.  I couldn’t believe My eyes!

Otis discovers bird.

I woke up from My nap to find a little bird sitting right next to Me!

I noticed right away that there was something strange about this bird.  For one thing, he didn’t react at all when I batted him lightly with My paw.  He seemed very hard and heavy, and firmly rooted in place.  I was greatly puzzled.

Otis poking bird

The bird didn’t fly away, even when I lightly batted him. He also seemed very hard and heavy.

I called Brother Oliver in to see if he could tell what was wrong with the bird.  Brother Oliver looked closely.  Then he said, “Hmmmmm…”

Brother Oliver inspecting bird

I called in Brother Oliver to help Me figure out what was going on with the overly crunchy little bird.

After poking at the bird with his own paw, Brother Oliver said, “You know what?  I think I know what happened.  I’ve heard that another word for ‘terrified’ is ‘petrified’.  I thought it was just a figure of speech, but now I see that it is actually meant literally. I think this little bird landed next to you, realized you were a cat and was so filled with terror that he did become petrified!”  I gasped as that realization sunk in. Brother Oliver headed off toward the kitchen, leaving Me to ponder what I had done. He must have seen something funny as he entered the kitchen though, because I thought I heard him laughing in there.

Otis looking at petrified bird

Brother Oliver headed off to the kitchen, leaving Me to ponder the petrified bird.

I felt very sorry for Myself as I sat and looked at the little bird.  I mean, as a safely confined cat it takes a miracle for a crunchy little bird to come within My grasp.  How am I supposed to enjoy them if they turn to stone before I can even crunch them?  I decided that, just as a precaution, I would need to start practicing the Art of Sneaky a lot more.  That way, the next bird that wanders into My indoor domain will not see Me coming.  Hopefully I will be able to crunch him before he is petrified. Otherwise, the only thing I will be crunching is My teeth!

So Sayeth Otis

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5 responses to “I Didn’t Mean to Petrify Him!

  1. oh Dog! That’s so sad! Of course I’d try to eat it anyway.

  2. Mr Otis…do not feel bad…you didn’t do a thing to that silly birdy…Bro Oliver was just pulling your paw!

  3. we had a bird get in the condo once….mom locked us all up and let it go. at least you can keep this one around and look at it 🙂

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