Safely Confined Cats Help Safely Confined People

My Disciples,

As you know, The Brothers and I are always trying to convince people to keep their kitties safely confined.  Many people resist this idea.  Some even go so far as to say that it is like putting kitties in prison!  It’s a false analogy of course, akin to saying that giving a three year old human child safe boundaries is like putting him in prison.  But what if we did put kitties in prison?  Would they be completely miserable being locked up?  Apparently, the answer is no.  As long as the kitty’s needs for food, water, safety, enrichment and lots of love are being met, a kitty in prison is a very happy kitty.  And you know what else?  The people that have been safely confined in prison can benefit from taking care of the safely confined kitties!  You can read all about it in this article from The Seattle Times. It blew my mind!

Otis with his mind blown

I need to just lay here for a moment. The newspaper article blew My mind.

If convicted felons can keep cats happy within the confines of a prison, don’t you think that ordinary, non-incarcerated folk should be able to manage keeping their own cats happy while safely confined?  I sure think so.  Heck, I’m living proof!  I’m the son of two feral cats, and I lived most of My first year of life in the world without walls. All of that changed 6 years ago when I was swept up in The Capture, and I have lived the good life in The Promised Land ever since.  So please stop equating keeping a kitty safely confined with putting that kitty in prison.  Or, if you insist on continuing with that argument, just realize that even in prison a kitty can be happy if he or she has a responsible Guardian that will meet all of his or her needs.

So Sayeth Otis

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15 responses to “Safely Confined Cats Help Safely Confined People

  1. Claudine Erlandson

    This last photo of you Otis being pensive is so beautiful! No wonder I am your faithful disciple! ♥

  2. Mr Otis, very intriguing and I can see what such a notion would be almost mind numbing…yaawwnnn…stretch….ummmm…I need a nap now too

  3. This is a FANTASTIC program! I’m firmly convinced that the pet/inmate partnership was one of the best ideas ever!

  4. It’s a lovely article – we’ve read one where the inmates look after chickens too. Would you approve of sharing space with a chicken Otis?

    • Hmmmm…yes, Animalcouriers, I would approve of sharing space with a chicken. To be more specific, I would share some space in My belly with a chicken. 😉

      • Oh Otis, we think you might regret those thoughts about chickens. Every one of our cats when first introduced to our chickens had the very same thought. The chickens soon disabused them of such notions! Our girls are after all killing machines and so far they’ve notched up frogs, lizards, a rat and a couple of snakes…

      • Killer chickens! I’m glad I have Brother Henry to protect Me!

  5. Amy Webster

    Amen, Sir Otis!

  6. Really enjoyed the link to the article. What a win-win situation. Thanks Otis

  7. Pawmen Otis! I too hate the if you ask a cat what it wants argument for letting cats out.. I reply with the exact same analogy, asking a 3yr old.

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