The Kitty Conveyor 3000 SUV Prototype Was A Failure

My Disciples,

As you may recall, I revolutionized kitty transportation a few weeks ago when I introduce the Kitty Conveyor 3000.  Just days after introducing the original KC 3000, I stunned the catamotive industry by introducing the sleek, sporty Kitty Conveyor 3000 GT. Since the introduction of the KC 3000 GT, I have been working tirelessly to design and build a larger version of the vehicle that would enable several kitties to travel together.  This new Kitty Conveyor 3000 SUV was to have a cardboard chassis with enough interior space for up to 5o pound of tabby, and a larger drivetrain to give it plenty of power.  I completed the prototype a week ago, but I’m sorry to say the first test trial was a complete failure.

From the beginning of trial, it was clear that My new vehicle had some design flaws.  First of all, the interior was so deep, I couldn’t even see out of it.  My ears stuck up over the top, so I could hear where I was going, but the sense of movement with no visual frame of reference made me a bit queasy.  Before I knew what was happening, I was horking a hairball onto the floor of the Kitty Conveyor and Brothers Henry and Oliver were rushing to the opposite side of the vehicle to get away from it.

Kitty Conveyor 3000 SUV

In this photo from the trial run, Brothers Henry and Oliver are attempting to get away from the hairball I just horked in the corner.

In addition to the visibility problem, there were also a few problems with the new, larger drivetrain.  Although I thought it would have more than adequate horsepower to handle up to 50 pounds of tabby, it seemed to have difficulty keeping the chassis steady when The Brothers and I were moving around.  In addition, the drivetrain’s emissions were much higher than expected, which worried Me greatly from a global warming standpoint.  Worst of all, the drivetrain complained a lot about lower back pain.

So, My Disciples, I’m afraid I will have to go back to the pawing board on this one.  I’m pretty sure I can work out the chassis problems without too much trouble.  The drivetrain, however, is going to be a much bigger challenge…

So Sayeth Otis

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16 responses to “The Kitty Conveyor 3000 SUV Prototype Was A Failure

  1. Otis, we love your blog!!! Good luck with the improvements to the Kitty Conveyor 3000! It’s a great idea!!!

  2. HaHaMeow! This was so funny! How’s your drivetrain’s lower back pain? It did haf alot of Tabby to pull!

  3. The drivetrain of the KC 3000 GT might get a huge boost in power if the payload was reduced. Fancy going on a diet boys? =^..^=

  4. hopewellmomschoolagain

    Poor Otis! Publicly hacking up a hairball–how embarassing!!! You poor thing. You must have had to bathe for hours to calm yourself. Hope you’re ok now and that the engineers assigned to the project got their walking papers.

    C, C and C-C in Ohio

  5. I could have used the KC 3000 SUV the other day when I had to shuttle FOUR of my boys to the vet for their annual wellness check up. Let me tell you hauling kitties is tough work!!!

    • I’m going back to the pawing board Cat’s Cats, so maybe someday I will work out all of the challenges with the KC 3000 SUV and revolutionize kitty hauling once and for all!

  6. I actually like the KC 3000 GT…so I can feel the sun on my whiskers (I have really pretty nice white ones) and I think the drivetrain doesn’t give so much feedback…know what I mean??

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