Brother Oliver’s Self-portrait #5

My Disciples,

Brother Oliver just put the finishing touches on the latest image in his series of self-portraits.  He tells Me it took him over seven hours to finally get the look he was after.  The final image is below.  He calls it, “The Intensity of Brother Oliver”.

Intensity of Brother Oliver

Brother Oliver's Self-portrait #5- The Intensity of Brother Oliver

Hmmmm…well…it’s certainly compelling.  I think I might call it something different though. Like, “Intensely Big Ears”.  Don’t tell Brother Oliver though.  he is very proud of his work.

So Sayeth Otis

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17 responses to “Brother Oliver’s Self-portrait #5

  1. Three cheers for Biggy Ears!

  2. Linda Mack

    He looks kind of cranky. Probably because his big ears were brought up:)

  3. 2 cats

    I think brother Oliver’s ears are perfectly in proportion but I also think you are ‘svelte’

  4. Claudine Erlandson

    I think Brother Oliver and Brother Otis are so handsome…just like their Guardian!. I saw a photo of Guardian K. in the last Sunday Seattle Times paper (4/29/2012) He was with a black bear cub! (Oh my, don’t be jealous Brothers!)

  5. I love big ears on kitties 🙂 Well done Brother Oliver!

  6. hhmmm…those ears are lookin’ pretty big…maybe he might try one more shot and keep those ears more upright…he looks like he is about to use them as flaps or wings…just sayin…

  7. Brother Oliver looks slightly put out by your comment. MOL, but he a Gorgeous Mancat all the same!

  8. You are Puuuuuurfectly Handsome. Meowwwwww

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