Mama Cat Blew Us Away

My Disciples,

Oh My gosh!  I held Mama Cat’s Catlympic practice session as promised, and I can’t believe what I saw.  She is an amazing cathlete!  She strode confidently into the yard at the assigned time, and took her ready position as The Brothers, Domino and I looked on.

Mama Cat Ready Stance

The Brothers and I anxiously awaited Mama Cat's practice Session. Dom stopped by to watch as well. Mama cat moved to her ready position.

As the bird handler made the first pass with the bird, Mama Cat yelled out “Super Wheelie!”, and then she went scooting across the yard on two legs.

Super Wheelie

Mama Cat yelled, "Super Wheelie"and then went scooting across the yard on two legs.

I thought she had made a mistake, because at first she made no attempt to grab the bird.  But then she spun on a dime, zipped back in our direction and leapt into the air.  She shouted “Dragon Kick!” as she caught the bird mid-flight.  We were all stunned!  In fact, I was floored by the move.

Dragon Kick

Mama Cat flew through the air yelling, "Dragon Kick!" as she nailed the bird mid-flight.

She made a perfect landing, releasing the bird on impact and then pivoting around to make her next pass.  As the bird moved toward her, she again launched herself upward.  She grabbed he bird between her paws with a loud cry of “Catmikaze!”


Mama Cat again went airborne, crying out "Catmikaze!" as she flawlessly nabbed the bird.

At this point we were all speechless, but then I heard a voice nearby say, “That must be a trick bird or something!  I’ve never seen anyone pull off moves like that!”  It was Thomas.  He had arrived a few moments earlier, but none of us had noticed because we were riveted by Mama Cat’s performance.  Thomas crouched down, indicating to the bird handler that he wanted to take a look at the artificial bird.  The handler complied and offered the bird to Thomas.  He inspected it closely.

Thomas inspecting bird

Thomas inspected the bird closely, because he believed it must have some special power that was allowing Mama Cat to pull off her crazy moves.

After looking at the bird for a few moments, Thomas seemed perturbed.  He said, “This thing is completely normal!  There’s nothing special about it at all!”

Thomas surprised

After inspecting the bird, Thomas was surprised to find that it was completely normal.

Mama Cat responded to Thomas by saying, “Of course it’s completely normal!  I don’t use any performance enhancing toys!  Watch, I’ll do my signature move without even using a toy!”  She then yelled, “FLYING SQUIRREL!” at the top of her lungs and went soaring through the air.

Flying Squirrel

Mama Cat proved that she was not using performance enhancing toys by doing her signature move with no toy at all.

Thomas was both awed by Mama’s skills and a little embarrassed that he had doubted her.  He said, “Whoooooa!  Sorry Mama.  You definitely have crazy cathletic skills!”  He then raised one of his paws and said, “Props to you my feline sister…”

Thomas giving props

Thomas raised a paw and gave props to Mama Cat for being so awesome.

After that, Mama Cat said that she had done enough practicing for one day.  She thanked Me for providing the bird handler and trotted back toward her yard.  Domino, Thomas, The Brothers and I watched her go in respectful silence.  None of us could believe what we had seen, and all of us were very aware of the fact that the stakes had just been raised for this year’s Catlympic Games.

So Sayeth Otis

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35 responses to “Mama Cat Blew Us Away

  1. Batya

    Go Mama Cat!!

  2. Mama cat rocks 🙂 In fact after seeing her latest practice session we feel that “dragon kick” might have eclipsed her signature flying squirrel move!!!

    • Dragon Kick is really amazing, Cat’s Cats, but I just can’t believe the height Mama Cat gets when she does Flying Squirrel! It’s like gravity doesn’t even affect her!

  3. Bravo! catastic show! Dem birdies need gettin and you doin a catastic job. You are purry good jumper.

  4. 2 cats

    Aama cat is amazing, i love her!! And Thomas is so pretty

  5. crazy cathletic skills is right.. anyone who hopes to score better then her better bring it..

  6. Go Mama , Go mama !
    I´m sooo impressed with your mom´s atlethic skill´s and jump´s high up in the air !

  7. clapping paws maddly!!! LUVLUVLUV Mama Cat!! I wanna be just like her! PAWSOME! Thank you Guardians for taking time to let her play with feather catlympic trainer thingy…cleary her peeps don’t give her much attention…

    • She really is amazing S(avnnah’s)P(aw)T(racks). 🙂

      • hard to believe that her human family doesn’t see her that way, but maybe they do and they work or somethin’ and just don’t play enough with her?? I really like her lots! Oh, Mom wants to know what kind of camera you use to get such GREAT action shots with no blurs?? (jealous)

      • I have seen the Guardians of Otis talking to Mama Cat’s guardians, SPT. They seem like a very nice elderly couple but I guess they just have a different opinion about how much attention their cat needs. It is sad, but the Guardians of Otis are doing what they can to help make life better for Mama and her kin. Oh, and I’ve seen the Guardians (and Brother Oliver) using at least three different cameras. Two of them have interchangeable lenses, but all three say “Canon” on the front of them.

      • thank goodness Mama Cat has your Guardians. ANd THREE cameras! I knew they were professionals!! Mom wants to capture my dashing around playing but she keeps gettin’ blurred shots…ugh

      • The Guardians take plenty of blurry shots too…we cats are fast!

  8. Mama Cat is definately showing how its done! The Flying Squirrel is amazing!

  9. Joseline

    Mama Cat Rocks!!

  10. The ‘Catmikaze’ move worries us – is she likely to do the splits on landing? What a goer Mama is! =^..^=

    • She landed right on her feet after the Catmikaze and then went into some groundwork with the artificial bird, Animalcouriers. It was quite breathtaking! 🙂

  11. Awesome! Go Mama Cat! She has THE moves fur sure! (Thanks for warming our hearts, we love your blog!)

  12. Stunning! Fur out! Purrfectly wonderful!

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