Brother Henry Didn’t Like What I Found

My Disciples,

As you are well aware, every once in a while My cat burglar tendencies come out and I attempt to steal something from the Guardians’ camera bag. Well I did it again last night, and I managed to pull out this weird, crinkly plastic thing-a-ma-whatsis.  I asked Brother Henry to see if he could tell what it was, but for some reason it totally creeped him out.  He inspected it closely, and then recoiled as if he thought it would bite him.

Henry with bubblewrap

Brother Henry inspected the strange object I had found, and then recoiled from it.

Brother Henry then said, “I don’t know for sure, Leader Otis, but I think this might be one of those things called ‘jellyfish’.  I don’t know why they’re called that, because they certainly aren’t tasty fish, but I’ve heard that they can sting you!”  I gasped when I heard this news.  I mean, I had just pulled that thing out of the bag!  What if I had been stung!  And then I wondered if maybe that hadn’t been the Guardians’ plan all along…to have the jellyfish sting thieves so they wouldn’t steal from the camera bag.

Brother Henry instructed Me to exit the room for My own safety, and he followed, covering My retreat.  When we returned to the room later, the camera bag had been zipped up and the jellyfish was nowhere to be seen.  I’m pretty sure the Guardians put it back into the bag to foil any future burglars.  But I’m only pretty sure.  For all I know the jellyfish might have escaped since I let it out of the bag.  I know I should put thoughts of performing another cat burglary out of My head, but I really wonder if that jellyfish is back in there.  The curiosity is killing Me!

So Sayeth Otis

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4 responses to “Brother Henry Didn’t Like What I Found

  1. Aw Otis, you’ve obviously heard the term ‘curiosity killed the cat’ but did you know the end of that particutlar saying? it’s ‘satisfaction brought him back’ so what the heck, check! MOL

  2. It will Otis, it will. Take care!

  3. What is it with cats and bags that they seem to be inexorably drawn to the contents?

    If I forget to zip up my cosmetics bag in the morning while getting ready, Jimmy’s head completely disappears inside until he can retrieve some forbidden treasure like a cotton swab or bobby pin!!!

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