The Legend of Kiddy the Cat: Part I

Brother Oliver

Brother Oliver

Disciples of Otis,

The story I have translated will be questioned by many, but I have no reason to believe that it is anything but the truth.  From what I can gather, while the Guardians of Otis were spending time in Twos On in early March, they also traveled farther south to visit a museum in a place called Tombstone.  I believe they were researching the historical role that cats played in the settling of the Old West.

Heritage Museum

The Guardians made an amazing discovery at a museum in Tombstone.

They didn’t find much at the museum, at least as far as they could tell, but they did encounter a geriatric kitty that spoke to them.  They recorded his tale, thinking him cute, but what they didn’t know was that the kitty was imparting to them a wealth of knowledge about the very subject they were researching.  The kitty did not give his name, so we will never know who this furry stranger was, but the Guardians did get one photo of him.

Mysterious stranger

The mysterious, furry stranger.

Here is the story that the mysterious kitty told:

Listen to me, oh Guardians from the north, for I have a tale to tell.  You must pass on this tale, as there are few left who can tell it accurately.  Much has been written and put on film about what happened in these parts back in the late 1800’s, but none of it has told the whole truth of the matter.  Allow me to set the record straight, once and for all.  I must begin by telling the story of how this town came to be, so let us get started with the tale I call The Legend of Kiddy the Cat.

In 1877, a man named Ed Schieffelin set out from the U. S. Army Camp Huachuca to seek precious metals and minerals in the southeast Arizona mountains.  Schieffelin decided to take his cat, Old Prospector, with him despite warnings from the U. S. Army soldiers who told him, “The only thing you will find out there for Old Prospector is his tombstone.” The soldiers were correct.

Arizona Desert

Shieffelin set off into the desert to seek his fortune taking Old Prospector with him.

One day while Schieffelin was out exploring, he discovered a rich vane of silver.  Unfortunately, Old Prospector, who was out exploring at the same time, discovered a large rattlesnake. Schiefflin returned to his tent to find Old Prospector dead of a rattlesnake bite.  He was devastated by the loss, and when he filed his mining claim he named the area “Tombstone” hoping that it would serve as a reminder to all that a tombstone is what awaits cats that are allowed to roam free.

After Schieffelin filed his claim, word quickly spread that silver had been discovered in the Arizona hills, but the stories being spread were not entirely accurate.  The real story was that a prospector had discovered silver, but through the grapevine it became, Old Prospector (the cat) found silver.

So people began to travel to the area in droves, bringing cats with them, in the hope that their kitties would discover riches as they believed Old Prospector had. Once people met Schieffelin and heard the real story, they abandoned the cats they had brought with them.  This nearly drove Schieffelin mad as it was exactly the opposite of what he hoped naming the area “Tombstone” would achieve.

Tomorrow- The Legend of Kiddy the Cat:  Part II

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7 responses to “The Legend of Kiddy the Cat: Part I

  1. 2 cats

    oooh very interesting so far…………………..

  2. I am enjoying your story brother Oliver. I hope that people who abandon cats get their karmic comeuppance…then and now!!!

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