Brother Henry has a Question

My Disciples,

Brother Henry would like to ask you a question.  It is a very important question, and he wants you to answer as honestly as possible.  He also wants you to look into his eyes while you answer the question so he can see for himself whether or not you are telling the truth.  So look into his eyes and answer this:

“Are you ensuring, at all times, that your kitty is safe from the dangers of the world?”

Brother Henry waiting for an answer.

Brother Henry wants to know if you are ensuring your kitty's safety at all times.

For those of you who have safe confinement plans for your kitties and who were able to confidently answer Brother Henry’s question in the affirmative, congratulations!  You have pleased Brother Henry (and Me) greatly.  You are true Disciples of Otis and there will be no need for Brother Henry to come have a “talk” with you.  For those of you who are still allowing your kitties to roam free…well…ummmmm…errrrr…just take a look at how you’ve made Brother Henry feel.

Brother Henry displeased

If you are not keeping your kitty safe, well, do you really want to wake up one morning and see this face looking you in the eye?

Yep, that’s Brother Henry preparing to unleash his wrath.  And since he is packing 17-pounds of tabby fury, his wrath will be terrible.  If the very real threats to your cat’s safety will not motivate you to give your kitty safe boundaries, perhaps the thought of receiving a serious smack-down from Brother Henry will.  Do the right thing, and save both yourself and your kitty from a terrible fate.

So Sayeth Otis




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30 responses to “Brother Henry has a Question

  1. hopewellmomschoolagain

    Brother Henry– I commend your attempts to keep kittys safe! I do my very best to keep C, C and C-C safe, but they do like to leave the house without permission. This puts them at great risk! How do I get them to trust me and not make unannounced exits by pushing out screens, or opening door a child has not closed tightly??

    • Much like human children, we cats will push our boundaries. If we find a weakness, I’m ashamed to say, we will exploit it. But in doing so, we clearly identify the problem for our Guardians. Weak window screens can be replaced with ones that are pet-proof. Human children can be taught the importance of closing doors securely. Guardians can double-check doors if they know children have been going through them. It can be a lot to deal with HWMSA, but the price of a safe cat is eternal vigilance! 🙂

      – Brother Henry

  2. Batya

    Good job, Brother Henry! I’m glad you stand ready to ensure the well-being and safety of kitties by, um . . . educating their guardians.

  3. Safe as houses! One never leaves the house, one gets his kicks by going on short trips around town in the car. He loves it!

  4. ummmmm – please don’t hurt the mom. we has our microchips and our collars and tags (those of us who haven’t figured out how to get them off)….and we only stay inside.

  5. seriously Brother Henry…Mom and Dad can look you straight in the eyes and say…”Savannah and all our previous OTRB cats have been indoor only”. We will try to give Savannah an outdoor safe zone once we move. Mom saw a coyote walking right down our street…lots of times and once it had dead kiiteh in its mouth and middle of day NOT NIGHT! shame on those Guardians! thank you cult of Otis

  6. I answer a resounding ABSOLUTELY Brother Henry…although you are welcome to come and have a talk with us anytime you like 😉

    PS – those who are not motivated by 17lbs of tabby fury are clearly fools…

  7. Jenn

    A friend of mine told me about this blog only last week and I am already in love! And be assured, Leader Otis and Brother Henry, my cats only outdoor access is in a secured catio (and they’ve helped their cousins talk their guardians into building safe catio enclosures as well)

  8. David and Brenda

    Dear Otis, Thanks for your concern! We want to assure you that our guardians protect us at all times. We have outdoor safe places we can go to as often as we please. We have our own doors! Pity the poor squirrel that manages to squeeze through the wire! My name is Otis too and I weigh in around 17 pounds of tabby myself! Me, my brother Tigger and my two sisters Loohoo and Fifi are always safe!

    I like to say I was named after you but really it was after the town drunk on Andy Griffith! That was during my “Limbo” days!

    Your faithful follower, Otis from Missouri

    • This is good news, David and Brenda. The Leader will be pleased to hear it. He will also be excited to know that there is another out there that bears his name. Although I believe he is named after someone called “Otis Redding”, rather than Otis the town drunk. Did Otis the drunk partake of too much catnip or something?

      – Brother Henry

  9. like Cat’s Cats, I took am open to having “the talk”. cause our kitties are in danger…..

    of being spoiled silly..

  10. Brother Henry, please rest assured both Lola and Griffon are safely contained. But you can certainly come and visit any time you like! They’d love to meet such a wonderful role model.

  11. RC Cat: “We commend Brother Henry for his no nonsense message. Such an elegant determined stance – humans who disregard cannot be truly human! Paws up for brave Brother Henry and his fury! (but, no we are not sharing our mousies, German. How dare you suggest that. We are sure such a delightful creature has his own supply.) Brother Henry, We send a soft chin pat in addition. Purr on.”

  12. The girls do not leave the house, I have a carrier for each of them if we ever need to evacuate and my emergency pack contains a harness for each kitty as well as kitty food… I think that about covers it.

  13. Mama will not let outside except on the balcony–which is really high up–many floors–whatever that means–all I know is that it is in the sky. I did escape into the hallway twice! Mama opened the door to get the paper and I ran out. I came right back cause it was very confusing out there. I still want to go out there though but Mama now picks me up and holds me when she gets the paper.

  14. Yikes! I’m glad my cats are safe and never ever leave the house!

  15. My three guys do get to go out in the backyard, once a day (when we get home), on supervised visits only…Leo, my 15 pound Bengal-Tabby, likes to roll in the grass, chase his stick in circles (loves loves LOVES to chase a stick), and kill his tennis ball. Lucy and Luna sit on the garden wall until I shoo them all back inside. All are UTD on shots, and never get to go out back without a guardian.

  16. I would love to make one of your out-door rooms…you all look to enjoy it very much so.

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