We Hit the Jackpot!

My Disciples,

Today, while Brother Oliver and I were enjoying some time in My Outdoor Domain, one of the Guardians came out carrying a small bag.  He opened the bag and poured its contents on the ground in front of us.  It was a whole pile of catnip toys!  We had hit the jackpot!

Otis and Oliver sniff toys

What an amazing bounty. We had hit the jackpot!

I sniffed the catnip toys thoroughly, and I could tell that they had been sent by My devoted Disciple Claudine!  I was so excited that I grabbed one of the toys and started mashing it against My face.

Otis mashing toy

I was so excited about the toys that I started mashing one against My face.

As I mashed the toy, the catnippy goodness was released into the air.  I inhaled deeply and…wow!  This was  a very potent batch of nip.  I felt My mind begin to expand.

Otis feeling the nip

As I inhaled the catnippy goodness, My mind began to expand.

I heard Brother oliver behind Me repeating “Whoooooa!” over and over, but he sounded far away.  I then thought I heard little voices coming from the catnip toys.  I listened intently to see if I could discover their hidden wisdom.  Through the fog, I heard Brother Oliver say, “Leader Otis!  Do you smell that?  I think it’s the color red!”

Otis and Oliver in the zone

I thought the catnip toys were speaking to Me. Brother Oliver thought he could smell the color red.

Just as I thought I would be able to make out the voices of the catnip toys clearly, another voice drifted in through the haze.  It was the voice of the Limbo kitty Thomas.  He said, “Hey guys!  Whatcha doin’?”  Brother Oliver said, “Thom, you have to try this!”, and then batted a catnip toy through the wire of the Outdoor Domain.  The toy landed in front of Thomas who looked at it, and then looked back up at Brother O and Me.

Thomas with toy

Brother Oliver batted a toy to Thomas. Thomas looked at the toy and then looked back at us.

As Thomas stared at us, Brother Oliver first started to giggle, and then started to make a strange, low yowling sound.  Thomas asked him what he was doing and he said, “I’m smelling my voice!  It smells glorious!”  I was right in front of Brother Oliver at the time, and his voice did smell glorious, but it looked a little too shiny for Me.  I told Thomas that I was going inside to see if I could figure out what beige feels like.

Brother Oliver and Otis zoned out

Brother Oliver told Thomas he was trying to smell his voice. I went inside to feel the color beige.

As I entered My Indoor Domain, I heard Thomas say, “Ummm…I just remembered that I should be…errrr…somewhere else right now.  You guys have fun!”  I guess Thomas left after that, because I heard Brother Oliver say, “Hey Thomas!  Come back!  I need you to help me catch this enormous pink rat!”  I don’t remember much after that, except I have this vague recollection that the color beige felt somewhat disappointing.

So Sayeth Otis.

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7 responses to “We Hit the Jackpot!

  1. What amazing adventures! So glad you learned to blog (even while under the influence.)

  2. MOL wow… that WAS a particularly potent batch… How long did it take for you to come down? Have to nap all day afterward?

  3. Wow, that was some serious nip!!! Nice to see you had such a good time 🙂 I wonder if beige felt bland???

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