Someone Crunched a Real Bird

My Disciples,

Yesterday, when the Guardians came in from the yard, they were very upset about something.  I decided to follow them around the house and listen to their conversation, hoping it would give Me some insight.  From what I could gather from their dialogue, they had found a crunchy little bird in the yard that had, in fact, been crunched.  It was something called a “Ruby-crowned Kinglet”.  It’s body was riddled with small puncture wounds, and it’s bones were broken.  They sounded like they were 100% certain that one of the Limbo kitties in the neighborhood was responsible for the killing.  I thought this was completely obvious because, let’s face it, that’s what we kitties do if our guardians let us.

Dead Kinglet

The Guardians found this dead bird in the yard. They were certain that one of the Limbo kitties had killed it.

The Guardians’ conversation fascinated Me.  I mean, I am driven by an overwhelming urge to crunch birds and mice and whatever else is moving and small enough to fit in My mouth.  When I was in Limbo, I tried to catch birds all the time.  There is no right or wrong to it in My mind, so I’ve never thought much about it one way or the other.  But the Guardians seemed to think that this little bird’s life had a great deal of value, and that his death was unnecessary and completely avoidable.  I could also tell that their anger was in no way directed at the kitty that had killed the bird, but rather at the irresponsible guardians that had let the kitty outside where it could kill the bird.  The Guardians also talked about all of the work they have done with birds injured by cats, and I heard one of them mention that he had written about this in the past.

The Guardians lamented the fact that many cat guardians think it is perfectly OK for their cats to roam free and kill their wild neighbors.  They claim that it is just the natural way of things.  All about the food chain.  But even I know that I am no wild predator.  I depend on the Guardians both to keep Me safe from real wild predators and to make sure that My hunting and killing urges are fully expressed and fulfilled.  And I really do feel like I’m able to fully express this part of My personality.  The Guardians constantly provide Me with all of the prey I can handle.  It’s just that the prey isn’t really losing its life when I crunch it.  It all feels the same to Me though.

Otis with toy mouse

When the Guardians make a toy move, it's just like it's alive in My eyes, but when I crunch it, nothing is really dying.

So, I get to be Myself to My heart’s content, but none of My wild neighbors has to suffer and die.  Plus, the chances of ME dying are also greatly reduced because I can express Myself within the safe confines of My Indoor or Outdoor Domains.  Sounds like a win-win situation to Me!

So Sayeth Otis

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10 responses to “Someone Crunched a Real Bird

  1. Poor little bird, very sad and yes unnecessary!

  2. it is sad when kitties don’t consume their kills.. and I agree with you, guardians should be more mindful of such waste..

  3. Such a beautiful bird – so sorry that not only was he killed, he was obviously killed purely for sport and not for food. Very sad.

    • I know, Tucker’s Mom. And we kitties can do all the killing for sport that we want if our Guardians provide us with proper toys and enrichment. We get to be ourselves and no one else suffers for it.

  4. RC Cat: “Otis, that is one excellent mousie! We live in a bird sanctuary and all cats are supposed to be kept inside. But some new neighbors have moved in that do not appreciate the rules. Luckily their old Sasha is pretty sluggish and unfamiliar with chasing birds. The lizards however fascinate her. They are pretty fast and usually escape her. We try to entertain her from Our window to keep her out of trouble. Maybe someday her owners will gain wisdom.”

  5. Aw, poor birdie. But no, the kitty can’t be blamed. it’s only natural that it try when it’s outside. Another reason they should be inside; you never know if the things they kill are carrying something that the kitty could get and no one, no one humane, wants their kitty to get sick! Indoor kitties are happy kitties!

    • That’s true Andrea! There’s been an outbreak of something called “sal’s manilla” in little birdies around here recently. I hear it can be passed on to kitties as well. When kitties are allowed to kill wildlife, everyone loses. 😦

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