The Guardians Came to Their Senses

My Disciples,

I am a little bit late with My blog post today because the Guardians came to their senses overnight and made it stop raining.  Because it is now dry, I have spent most of the day in My Outdoor Domain.  I am pleased that the Guardians finally saw the error of their ways, but I am still somewhat displeased by their insubordinate behavior yesterday.

Otis in his Outdoor Domain

While I am glad the Guardians came to their senses and stopped the rain, I am still annoyed by their earlier refusal to do so.

Despite their return to sanity, I’m afraid I shall still have to punish the Guardians.  They need to understand that when I ask them to do something, I mean now.  Not in an hour.  Not in a day.  Now.  Perhaps the midnight stampede through the house that The Brothers and I have planned for later will be enough to wake the Guardians up to their responsibilities.  At the very least, I’m sure it will be enough to wake them up from their sleep.

So Sayeth Otis

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8 responses to “The Guardians Came to Their Senses

  1. Fear the retribution of Otis and the midnight stampede.

  2. Yo! Mr. Otis…I have found, even in my early days in my forever home…Jan 2012…that mid-night stampede works EVER so well!! They totally notice! And I love doing it on the hardwood floors…ssooooo much more noticeable! Keep the Guardians in place…I will also keep this mission…paw pats Savannah

  3. RC Cat: Yes, recommend midnight cat stampede – especially effective with a high speed slide into something that makes a loud noise or crashes – followed by a rapid disappearance to an unknown hideout. It is important to stay totally hidden for a long period to ensure complete impact of this maneuver”

    • I like to walk into the room just as the Guardians are discovering whatever made the crash. Then I can pretend that I am as puzzled to see the carnage as they are. I also puff My tail up so it looks like I’m scared. They would never suspect that I caused the crash if I was frightened by the noise, right?

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