Brother Oliver’s Self-portrait #2

My Disciples,

A couple weeks ago I mentioned that Brother Oliver had once again returned to his quest to become the world’s greatest kitty photographer.  His latest project is one involving photos that he takes of himself.  Today, he is ready to unveil the second image in the series.  I asked if he wanted to give Me a statement to go with the image, but he said that he would prefer to let the image speak for him.   Here’s the image.

Brother Oliver Self-portrait #2

The second image in Brother Oliver's self-portrait series.

Hmmm…you know what?  I think Brother Oliver is actually improving.  He must have figured out how to make the camera shutter go off on its own too, because he clearly didn’t take this image at paw’s length.  I know I’ve made fun of Brother Oliver’s photography obsession in the past, but maybe he can become the world’s greatest kitty photographer.  I guess he just needed to find a subject that he was truly passionate about to help him bring out his inner photographer.  And if there is one thing that Brother Oliver is truly passionate about, it is himself!

So Sayeth Otis

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8 responses to “Brother Oliver’s Self-portrait #2

  1. If I had to name that picture.. I’d call it “Eyes of The Wild” Great picture!

  2. Very impressive! Both the photography and the subject!

  3. Brother Oliver is a very handsome guy.

  4. Fabulous photography, and beautiful subject..

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