The Tryouts Part II: Clusterducks

My Disciples,

When we left off yesterday, Mama Cat’s Catlympic tryout had been interrupted by Beatrice and Mama Cat had decided not to continue.  Beatrice started trying out instead.  The Brothers and I watched attentively as Beatrice took her mark in front of My Outdoor Domain.

Beatrice Tries Out

Suddenly it was Beatrice who was trying out instead of Mama Cat.

Beatrice started off strong.  She lunged forward and made a grab for the bird with a move she called “The Power Paw”.

Beatrice Power Paw

Beatrice impressed us with the move she called "The Power Paw".

After the Power Paw, Beatrice moved into some bipedal work.  It was good, but not quite as graceful as Mama Cat’s had been moments earlier.

Beatrice standing on her hind legs.

Beatrice strutted her stuff with a little bipedal work.

Right in the middle of Beatrice’s bipedal work we heard Mama Cat let out an earsplitting yell of “FLYING SQUIRREL!”  Beatrice, The Brothers and I  all quickly looked around.  We wanted to find the crunchy little flying squirrel that Mama Cat was yelling about.

Mama Cat Flying Squirrel

Mama Cat yelled, "Flying Squirrel!", so Beatrice, The Brothers and I looked for the squirrel.

As we were looking for the squirrel we heard a thump and turned to see Mama Cat lying flat on her stomach on the ground.  She said, “Did you see it!?  Did you see my signature move!?”  Before I could answer, I heard another voice say, “Hey guys!  What’s going on over here?”  I looked over to see Cookie sitting on a brick by the cement wall.

Cookie sitting on a brick

Things were getting more and more confusing. Then Cookie showed up to see what we were up to.

I told Cookie that we were attempting to hold Catlympic tryouts.  I was a bit exasperated by how the morning had gone so far, and I said, a little rudely I’m ashamed to say, “I suppose you want to try out too?”  Cookie first looked excited, then looked scared, then looked somewhat panicked.  She jumped up on the cement wall, ran to a nearby fence post and began scratching it furiously.

Cookie scratching fence post

When I asked Cookie if she wanted to try out, she freaked out and started mauling a fence post for some reason.

I was becoming more bewildered by the moment when suddenly I heard Beatrice let out a victory yowl.  I turned to see that she had captured the artificial bird and she was trying to put on her best kill face.

Beatrice making the kill

Beatrice had captured the bird and was doing her kill face. I felt like the world had gone crazy.

While I was looking at Beatrice I heard Mama Cat yell, “FLYING SQUIRREL!” again.  I could also still hear the sound of Cookie clawing madly at the fence post.  Then, just above the din, I heard a small voice say, “Hey guys!  What’s happening?”  Everyone stopped what they were doing and looked in the direction from which the voice had come.  Well, everyone except Brother Henry who was busy listening to what he believed was the sound of food being poured into a bowl inside the house.

Everyone hears a voice

Someone new had shown up. We all stopped to see who it was.

The new voice belonged to yet another Limbo kitty.  It was Thomas, and the ruckus in our yard had drawn him across the alleyway to investigate.

Thomas Shows Up

Thomas had heard the commotion in the yard and he came over to investigate.

Thomas asked what we were doing and I told him about the Catlympic trials we were attempting to have.  As soon as the words were out of My mouth I knew what I was going to hear next.  And I was right.  Thomas got all excited and said, “Catlympics!  Can I try out too!?”  I sighed, feeling like this morning might never end.

So Sayeth Otis

Tomorrow- The Tryouts Part III:  The Trials of Thomas

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23 responses to “The Tryouts Part II: Clusterducks

  1. 2 cats

    I have a feeling the catlympics is going to be a huge event this year

  2. We think Mama Cat’s flying squirrel was well worth the wait!!! The Catolympics are certainly gaining in popularity 🙂

  3. We are thoroughly enjoying this adventure and the documentation of all the great moves. Looking forward to the next installment!

  4. Wow, Otis, you’ve been busy! Do you have any predictions about who will come out on top?

  5. RC Cat: “We observe that Beatrice demonstrates great extension and elegant line. Still Mama Cat’s signature move illustrates grace – and the courage to overcome gravity with creative drama. Otis, you have discovered a wealth of catathletes in your area. Even Cookie and Thomas must have special moves. (They didn’t get confused thinking there was a Block Party?) Surely a talent agent for some TV show will be arriving soon. We look forward to future reports of your Catolympics. We are greatly amused. We shall purrrr until decided on an appropriate recognition of you and your brothers.”

  6. Oh Dog! Looks like the whole neighborhood wants in on this one Otis!

  7. Oh theese is getting more and more interesting…and complicated! Yay for Mama Cat’s Flying Squirrel!

  8. Poor Otis, didnt expect such excitement did ya? MOL

  9. That Beatrice sure has some moves! (peeks at the flying squirrel)

  10. Oh, Myyyy,
    It looks like a Fabulous Cat House over there.
    What a bunch of awesome little tigers.


    • Yes, MIC, there’s a whole lot of felinity going on in My yard. I just so wish these poor Limbo kitties were properly contained and protected by the people who are supposed to be their guardians. I worry about them all the time. 😦

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