The Tryouts Part I: Mama Cat, Interrupted

My Disciples,

As I mentioned previously, the tryout that I had planned for Mama Cat yesterday morning turned into a bit of a cluster of ducks (Hmmmm…I’m still pretty sure that’s what it’s called…wait, maybe just “clusterducks”?).  At first, everything was fine.  Mama Cat showed up on time and presented herself before the committee.  She introduced herself and thanked us all for the doing her the honor of letting her show us what she can do.

Mama Cat sitting in front of the Catlympic committee

Everything started out fine. Mama Cat was on time and very professional.

The bird handler moved into position, and began doing routine moves with the simulated bird.  Mama Cat was surprisingly quick and agile.

Mama Cat jumping after feather toy

The bird handler made some routine passes with the simulated bird. Mama Cat was surprisingly quick.

Mama Cat then pulled off a few impressive jumping moves, going after the simulated bird in mid-air.  It was all very impressive.

Mama Cat leaping after bird.

Mama Cat showed impressive leaping ability.

Next, Mama Cat changed it up a bit by showing off some of her wall work.  She jumped up on the cement wall and made lightning fast strikes at the simulated bird from a stationary position.

Mama Cat on wall

Mama Cat showed off with a bit of wall work.

Mama Cat then jumped down from the wall and wowed us with some of her bipedal skills.  She danced around on her back legs like a guardian and boxed at the bird with her front paws.

Mama Cat on her hind legs reaching for bird

Mama Cat wowed us with her bipedal skills.

Mama Cat was really working into a frenzy now, and she said, “OK!  I’m about to do one of my signature moves!  I call it ‘The Flying Squirrel.'”  But before Mama could execute her Flying Squirrel move, Beatrice came out of nowhere and pounced on the simulated bird!

Beatrice interfering with Mama Cat

Beatrice came from out of nowhere and grabbed the simulated bird before Mama Cat could execute her signature move.

Beatrice said, “I love this thing!  Why didn’t anyone tell me we were playing ‘Bird Slayer’!?”  Mama Cat was very upset and said, “Beatrice!  We are in the middle of official Catlympic trials here!”, to which Beatrice replied, “Awesome!  I want to be in the Catlympics!”  And then she continued to chase the bird.  Mama Cat just watched, not knowing what she should do.

Beatrice chasing feather while Mama Cat watches.

Beatrice said the she too wanted to be in the Catlympics, then she continued to chase the bird.

At this point, I spoke up and said, “Beatrice!  You are interfering with official Cult of Otis Catlympic business!  This will not be tolerated!  Step aside and let Mama Cat resume her trial at once!”  But Mama Cat said, “No.  I’ve totally lost my rhythm now.  If Beatrice wants to try out, let her.  I guess I wasn’t meant to be a Catlympian…”  She then began to walk away.

Mama Cat walking away

Mama Cat was so upset that her try out had been disrupted that she decided not to continue.

Mama Cat retreated to a red chair at the back of the yard and sat on the arm of it sulking.  I felt horrible for her, because I knew that she felt like she would now never achieve her dream.

Mama Cat sulking on red chair

Mama Cat jumped up on the arm of a red chair and began to sulk. I felt terrible for her.

With Mama Cat now out of the way, Beatrice was really getting into her attacks on the artificial bird.  The Brothers and I hadn’t planned on having multiple cats try out for the Catlympics, but we also didn’t feel like it would be right to say that only Mama Cat could try out.  So we did the only thing we could.  We started watching Beatrice and grading her performance.

So Sayeth Otis

Tomorrow-  The Tryouts Part II:  Clusterducks

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20 responses to “The Tryouts Part I: Mama Cat, Interrupted

  1. 2 cats

    Otis please let Mama cat be in the catlympics, pretty please with catnip ontop

  2. RC Cat: “All her expectations – her hopes and dreams dashed by a last minute upstart. Poor Mama Cat – who trained to peak at just the right moment. We applaud her efforts on completed events – and encourage her to meet the challenge and return to show her mettle! Mama Cat. Take heart!. Do not be shoved aside. (Those ladies-in-waiting are always sneaking around trying to take the crown)”

  3. The display of athletic skill was impressive on all counts, but I do feel that Mama Cat should be given a repeat, and guaranteed interruption-free, audition.

  4. Wowwee! I think Mamma Cat showed you everything you need in her limited time! We hope you vote to let her in! And Beatrice too!

  5. We thinks that Mama Cat did have some great moves there for sure! We do hopes that she will reconsider for trying out (I knows what it’s like when somecat comes in at the last moment and disrupts one’s mojo). (PS: You have an awesome blog, we heard about it from Katnip Lounge.)

  6. I think that Mama Cat cat showed enough impressive skills to be accepted even if she didn’t get to the flying squirrel finale!!! Please don’t penalize her for the interruption which was beyond her control. On the other hand, it seems that Beatrice is a worthy contender too!

    PS – I believe the term is clusterduck, no “s” 😉

  7. Batya

    Mama Cat has so little in her life to look forward to. Please let her enter based on her performance up to the interruption.

  8. Poor Mama! I feel so bad for her 😦

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