The Limbo Kitties Just Keep Coming

My Disciples,

Last night the Guardians looked out the window toward Cookie, Mama Cat and Nacho’s house and spotted a cat they had never seen before.  She was just hanging out, which really annoyed Nacho when he jumped out of the window, turned the corner of the house and spotted her.  Nacho went into a crouch, tail twitching and muscles tense.  The mystery cat pretty much ignored him.

Unknown Limbo Kitty

The Guardians managed to get one, slightly blurry photo of the new Limbo kitty through the window. She's very beautiful. Too bad she's not being kept safe.

Eventually, Cookie showed up.  At this point the Guardians were on alert because Cookie is a known fighter.  She apparently wasn’t in a fighting mood though because she warily passed the new Limbo kitty and headed around the house to the open window.  The Guardians saw Cookie tense up again as she approached the window.  She was staring in the direction of our front yard.  We all went to investigate and spotted another Limbo kitty on the front walkway!

This cat we had seen before, but usually in the alley and never in our yard.  She did not look happy to see us and slunk away after her photo was taken.

Unknown Limbo Kitty

There was another Limbo kitty in the front yard. Does no one properly care for cats any more?

I am seriously at a loss for words here.  There are so many cats at large that it has really reached epidemic proportions, at least in our neighborhood.  I’m not done fighting by a long shot, but in the war to convince guardians to keep their cats safely contained, I feel like I am currently losing the battle.

So Sayeth Otis

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15 responses to “The Limbo Kitties Just Keep Coming

  1. it is a long and fierce battle, but it is worth it. Keep up the good fight..

  2. Keep trying Otis – in this neighborhood all the kitties are apparently demanding to be let out to play in the spring weather – so tired of being indoors because of rain – (a puzzle as most cats cannot unlock and open doors by themselves…) One really good thing about the summers here is that it’s so hot no living thing wants to go outside – so soon maybe all the limbo kitties here will once again be safe inside.
    Paws crossed.

  3. Irresponsibility is everywhere Otis!

    There is a cat who lives down the street, very lovely but likes to come to our front window and torment my boys…usually at 1:00am!!! I wonder as I’m getting up, going downstairs and stepping outside in the dead of Canadian winter to shoo him away, why his people are not more concerned for his whereabouts? Why is he not tucked in a cozy, warm cat bed? I’m very sad for him and for your two beautiful ladycats pictured here 😦

  4. once again…my Mom reminds all who read this…saw coyote with dead cat in mouth crossing our street in the middle of the day…cats are NOT SAFE even in urban areas unless supervised…just sayin…I’m with you Mr. Otis

  5. It’s the same around our neighborhood, Otis, and it’s frustrating on so many levels. We hope these kitties stay safe.

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