Travel In Style with the Kitty Conveyor 3000

My Disciples,

I have been working hard in My workshop to come up with a new form of kitty transportation.  I mean, sometimes we kitties just don’t feel like walking, so we need a safe, reliable method of kitty conveyance that will take us from litter box to food bowl and back again in style.  To meet this need I have combined the latest in cutting-edge cardboard technology with a state-of-the-art, 100% organic, carbon based drive train.  I call it The Kitty Conveyor 3000.

Kitty Conveyor 3000

The Kitty Conveyor 3000 combines cutting-edge cardboard technology with the latest in organic, carbon based drive trains.

The current model of the Kitty Conveyor 3000 is a one seater, but I hope to introduce another model soon that will include additional seating space and a larger drive train so The Brothers and I can take trips around My Indoor Domain together.  I might even include an optional snack holder so we can enjoy tasty treats on the go!  I’m getting excited just thinking about the adventures we will have!  Now, if you will excuse Me My Disciples, My chariot awaits!

So Sayeth Otis

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8 responses to “Travel In Style with the Kitty Conveyor 3000

  1. Talk about traveling in style! Great job, Otis

  2. What a fantastic device! You need to patent that!

  3. While your conveyence looks very dependable, you have a certain, I dunno, unsure look on your face. Maybe you need a safety belt?

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