Brother Oliver Returns to His Passion

My Disciples,

You may recall that Brother Oliver has a great love for photography, and he has always aspired to be the world’s greatest kitty photographer.  He even went so far as to modify one of the Guardian’s cameras so that it could not pick up red colors.  He said that this made what the camera sees look more like what a kitty sees, and he named the camera the Kitty Cam 3000.  After using the Kitty Cam 3000 to capture several images for a series he called, “The World as Seen By Brother Oliver”, his photographic endeavors suddenly came to a halt.

Brother Oliver seemed upset to no longer be taking photos, so I didn’t ask him why he had stopped.  I found out later though that the Guardians had attempted to take photos with Brother Oliver’s Kitty Cam 3000 and, believing it was broken, they had sent it off for repairs.  When it came back, Brother Oliver didn’t want to use it any more because he felt like it would no longer be able to accurately capture what he was seeing.

Well, it seems that Brother O has had a change of heart in recent days.  Just yesterday I walked into the living room to find him sitting in front of the couch with the camera on the floor in front of him.  His front legs were stretched out holding the camera steady.  One of his paws was on the button that makes the camera take pictures.  I asked what he was doing and he just said, “Can’t talk now.  New project.  Self portraits…”  He then pushed the button and took a picture.

Brother Oliver's self portrait.

This is the shot that Brother Oliver took of himself. Errrr...stunning, I guess.

When I saw the photo that Brother Oliver had taken, I had to quickly leave the room.  I don’t know why, but I was overcome with the urge to laugh out loud, and I knew Brother Oliver wouldn’t appreciate that.  After all, he takes his art very seriously.  I ran into Brother Henry as I was leaving the living room and just said, “Brother H, don’t go in there.  Brother Oliver is ‘working’…”  Brother Henry understood immediately and we both headed upstairs to Kitty Valhalla to rest on the Sacred White Cloud of Eternal Comfiness.  As we retreated, the sound of the camera shutter could be heard again and again, emanating from the living room.

So Sayeth Otis

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17 responses to “Brother Oliver Returns to His Passion

  1. hopewellmomschoolagain

    Strong, handsome guy–he has so accurately captured his own essence. Otis, you must be very proud of him.

    C, C & C-C

  2. Funny, most self-portraits at our house look much like that…

  3. Golly what a clever brother you have!!!

  4. Ah, I believe that’s what’s commonly called ‘facebook picture’ look. MOL Love it!

  5. you have a funny blog. we luff it.

    coming here from the gang at katnip lounge

    Emma and Buster

  6. Hey, Otis. We were over at the Katnip Lounge and they told us about you, so we thought we’d come by and say hello. We hafta admit, your brother takes a nice picture….but next time he should try smiling! See ya later!!

    Wally, Ernie & The She-Devil, aka Zoey

    • Hi Wally, Ernie, and The She-Devil! I told Brother Oliver what you said and he said that in this particular photo he was trying to project a quiet, reserved power or something like that. He said a smile would have been counterproductive to what he was going for. I just think his nose looks big personally. 🙂

  7. Otis just looks presidential…Otis, are you not telling us something?

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