Talk Amongst Yourselves

My Disciples,

My ongoing waffle-less state, combined with an ill-advised dry food binge to soothe My sorrows, has resulted in My temporary incapacitation.  There is only one thing that I am interested in doing today, and so I shall do it.

Pooped Otis

No waffles plus a dry food binge means this is all I am interested in doing today.

My apologies, My Disciples, but I must ask that today you simply talk amongst yourselves.  The Leader is otherwise occupied.  <ZZZZZZZZZZ…>

So Sayeth Otis

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18 responses to “Talk Amongst Yourselves

  1. ahhh Otis…so sorry u did not get taste of waffles. I don’t like people food…but it must be tuff not getting what you want…like me…you are a cat! Cats rule! Don’t ya think? Have a pawfectly ruling day. Savannah

  2. hopewellmomschoolagain

    Otis, you poor, poor, kitty. Dry food–no tuna?? And STILL no waffles. What a cruel regime you live under. We are sending good thoughts your way.
    C, C and C-C

    • I know! All I get is wet food twice a day, dry food for a snack, freeze-dried chicken treats, other treats, bits of almost anything that the Guardians are eating, but NO WAFFLES! The cruelty is almost unbearable…

  3. Otis, we feel so awful for you! Especially since we got French Toast (once) and it was INDESCRIBABLY delicious.
    Say! We gave you an award, if you want to stop by our blog and pick it up. Do you know about the Cat Blogosphere? It’s a great place to meet other kitties and their crazy peeps.

  4. Otis! We just discovered your blog through the Katnip Lounge. Nice to meet you! Is it the waffles in particular that you like… or maybe is there butter on the waffles that tempts you? I’ve never had waffles, but I do love butter. I myself have a fascination with pita bread, nom nom nom.

  5. HaHaMeow! We hopped ofur from Katnip Lounge to say hello. We think pancakes are the greatest thing since stinky goodness. So good to find a furriend who unnerstands these needs. Come visit us sumtime. – alla us at Prancer Pie – Prancer, Princess, Precious, and Princeton (oh and the Mommy)

  6. Katnip Lounge clued us in to your blog! We think you’re doing a very sensible, catlike thing. Waffles? We must try waffles now!

  7. Otis, it’s a delight to “meet” you, we came to via the Katnip Lounge. We’re going to add you to our Google Reader, so we can keep up with your daily quest for waffles. 🙂

  8. JK

    I certainly hope Your holy lethargy isn’t due to getting onion, garlic or chives in that veggiebeast you ate yesterday!! Those evil substances can cause anemia and even death in cats!

    I’m sure your Guardians will re-read the ingredients list on the veggiebeast box to make sure You are safe. Perhaps You could fish the box out of the Holy Disposal Unit to remind them to check, Your Catiness..

    Naw, that’d be too much work. Forget I mentioned it!!

    • Thanks JK! The Guardians will re-check the ingredient list. They definitely don’t want to give Me anything that would be dangerous for Me to eat! Also, I saw your two comments following this one and removed them. Hope you don’t mind :-).

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