Everyone Needs a Brother Henry Pillow

My Disciples,

I have gone back and forth in the past trying to decide whether Brother Oliver or Brother Henry makes the best pillow.  At one time I had decided that Brother Henry made a lousy pillow  because he wasn’t cushy enough, but times have changed since then.  Although Brother Henry is still a solid cat, I’ve come to realize that, for some reason, no one ever bothers Me when I am sleeping with My head resting on Brother Henry.  I can sleep for hours and hours and no one tries to wake Me up or generally be annoying.  This is not the case when I rest My head on Brother Oliver.  Come to think of it, Brother Oliver himself is often what wakes Me up! Anyway, I don’t know what Brother Henry is doing to ward off interruptions in My sleep, but it must be something very powerful.

Henry glaring with Otis asleep on his flank.

Brother Henry must have some sort of special powers because no one seems willing to disturb My sleep when I am using him as My pillow.

Perhaps I’ll never know Brother Henry’s secret, since I am asleep when he is doing whatever it is he does to keep people and kitties from disturbing Me.  I guess, all I really need to know is that if I use him as My pillow I will be able to have a fitful sleep…even if I do wake up with a major crick in My neck because of Brother Henry’s solid physique.

So Sayeth Otis

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5 responses to “Everyone Needs a Brother Henry Pillow

  1. Brother Henry does seem to have some power to promote sleep…many tired moms of tiny babies are probably wishing he would share his secret – fitful sleep is better than no sleep!

  2. He has a very ominous look about him; I definately would not attempt to wake you while you rest on his watch.

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