Seven Days of Limbo Kitties- Day 7

My Disciples,

Today we end with the kitty that started My discussion on Limbo kitties.  She is the newest Limbo kitty to have appeared in My yard, and the Guardians call her Minerva.


Minerva is a lovely, long-haired siamese kitty. She has only recently begun to wander in Limbo.

The Guardians have only just met Minerva and know very little about her personality.  So far, she is very nervous and will not let them approach.  She lives at the house across the street, which makes Me very nervous because she often crosses the busy road in front of our house.  I fear what will happen if she crosses it at the wrong time.

So that brings us to a total of twelve Limbo kitties that we have met in the past seven days here on The Blog of Otis.  And these are by no means the only Limbo kitties in My neighborhood.  There are at least six others that the Guardians have seen but have not yet met.  That’s 18 kitties in Limbo within a half block radius!  The idea that kitties should be allowed to roam free seems very ingrained in human minds.  The question I would love to have an answer for is “why?”.

If I knew why people believe that they don’t need to keep their kitties safely contained, perhaps I could come up with an effective way to change that belief.  If I knew what makes someone say, “I can’t keep my cat inside.”, maybe I could show them why that statement is incorrect.  For now though, as so many things do when it comes to humans, it remains a mystery.  But I refuse to give up, My Disciples, and I hope that you will not give up either.  If you care about the health, happiness and safety of kitties everywhere, please continue to stand by My side in this fight.  Please spread The Good Word to all who will listen, and together we might start to turn the tide against this delusion that kitties do not need safe boundaries.

So Sayeth Otis

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7 responses to “Seven Days of Limbo Kitties- Day 7

  1. Hi Otis. That is such a beautiful kitty. I hope she doesn’t get hurt while crossing the street.

  2. Some people seem to think it cruel to keep a kitty confined. They value freedom over safety. They project their own desire for freedom onto the pet perhaps. Or they just don’t want to leave a potentially destructive animal in their precious home while they go to work in case it damages the furniture. Or they were raised to see a cat as an outdoor animal. I don’t know for sure.

    Here in the UK I’ve always felt like people were judging me for keeping my cat indoors rather than allowing it to roam free and satisfy its native instincts to hunt, kill, fight and get into trouble… Of course we don’t have cougars! But we do have cars and diseases and foxes and nasty people. I do feel bad for not letting her in the garden, but she is young and fit and could easily get over the 5 foot high fence if she saw a bird or a cat.

    • The roots of human beliefs about cats puzzle Me to no end knotrune. I do wonder, as you theorized, if many of them just make excuses to push their cat outside and away from the furniture. Others may dislike cleaning litter boxes. Still others may truly believe it is cruel to confine a cat, but I think they need to re-examine that belief. It can be cruel to confine a cat, but only if you do not find alternative means to fulfill the cat’s needs.

      If you find yourself feeling bad about not letting your kitty out in the garden, pull out a feather toy and let her hunt it. Brush her, or do something else with her that she likes. When you hear her start purring you will know that you are not depriving her of her needs. And when she lives a long and happy life, you will know that you also did not neglect her need to be safe.

  3. Dear Leader Otis,

    My heart breaks reading these stories. Like you and your guardians, I want to grab them all and hug them and keep them safe and warm. I’m sure their lives are enriched in their contact with you.

    On another note, I wanted to share a link to a video a friend of mine sent of a cat with a new friend. Kind of reminds me of Rumpy, only a little larger!

  4. Otis, our human thinks an indoor cat is the safest cat, but also prefers us to have a bit of fresh air when we want it. So she went to a lot of trouble and expense to modify our townhouse “yard” fence to add Palfuf sheeting all along the top, so Nicki can’t escape. (She had a handyman do it, didn’t do it herself.)

    You can see pics on our human’s personal blog from June 2010:

    Not everyone wants to go into debt for something like that, but we’re glad she did. However, if we didn’t have a back space, we would be indoor-only. As much as WE might want to get out and explore, there’s no way our human would let us go free!

    Of course, there are lots of options for fully enclosed cat pens too, and some kitties get walked on leash and harness. 🙂

    • Your human is a true Guardian! The Brothers and I also have an Outdoor Domain, and you can see our old Outdoor Domain on Our whole mission is to make sure that cats are happy, healthy and safely contained!

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