Seven Days of Limbo Kitties- Day 6

My Disciples,

I mentioned yesterday that the Limbo kitty we will meet today needs someone to speak for her.  This is because she has no voice!  Because of this, the Guardians call her Whisper.  We don’t know very much about her other than she always comes down our alley from the north.  We assume her house is in that direction.

Whisper in alley

Whisper always comes down the alley from the north. Her house must be in that direction.

Whisper is shy, but she does let the Guardians play with her and pet her.  She is clearly not a stray as her long hair is never matted or clumped.  Someone cares about her, just not enough to keep her completely safe.


Whisper is a beautiful cat. I wish her guardians would protect her.

I really worry about Whisper.  When she tries to meow, nothing but air comes out.  If she gets hurt, she won’t even be able to cry out for help.  The thought of that happening makes me really sad.  I hope her guardians see the light and keep her safe before it is too late.

One more day to go in the seven days of Limbo kitties.  Tomorrow we will finish with the cat that prompted this whole feature.

So Sayeth Otis

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4 responses to “Seven Days of Limbo Kitties- Day 6

  1. Oh, Otis, you are the voice for silent kitties everywhere. As RC says, “Just curling up with paws over eyes won’t solve a rat problem.”

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