Seven Days of Limbo Kitties- Day 5

My Disciples,

I mentioned yesterday that there is only one kitty I had ever seen that I thought could best Brother Henry in a wrestling match.  Unfortunately, I saw him in the front yard, as he is a Limbo kitty from a few houses to the north.  His name is Stanley, and he is truly a mighty cat.


Stanley is a giant, mighty tuxedo kitty.

Stanley has only stopped by three or four times in the past year.  I hope that means that he doesn’t spend too much time in Limbo.  Although he is truly mighty, he is no match for the dangers of the world without walls.  I wish his guardians realized that.

We’re heading into the home stretch of this week of Limbo kitties.  Tomorrow we meet a special kitty who really needs someone to speak up for her.  After all, she can’t do it herself.

So Sayeth Otis

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8 responses to “Seven Days of Limbo Kitties- Day 5

  1. This series leaves me feeling so sad.

    • Me too, Rumpy. And this is only part of the Limbo Kitties just in My neighborhood. I hope that raising awareness of the problem will lead to more humans looking around and recognizing the plight and the tragedy of the Limbo kitties. That’s the only way that humans may then begin to change the way kitties are treated.

  2. Now that’s a beefy cat. But as you say, not even the mightiest of cats can be safe out there.

  3. Tom

    Our human sister often gets in trouble from our father for trying to keep us inside. He isn’t home often but when he is he insists that we should “be allowed to be cats” and go outside. Because of this attitude we have lost several brothers and sisters; one of who returned in a horrible state I am told (she was before my time) and had to be put-down. Our human sister and mother have always taken in strays and unwanted pets; both canine and feline. They are frustrated with our father’s attitude as not only have some been lost, but also big brother Ben has made quiet a dent in the local bird population on top of bringing in dead rats that make him ill. Explaining the dangers doesn’t change his mind; nor does reminding him of those lost. We are never locked out or thrown from the house, but there must be something we can do too ensure that we aren’t allowed into the scary world.

    • That is indeed a difficult problem. It sounds like your father is committed to his belief that allowing cats to roam free is the only way to “allow them to be cats.” Many humans do seem to cling to this age-old fallacy, and it is we kitties who suffer most for it. I know when people become frustrated with their cats behavior, many of them choose to “re-home” them. Since your family seems to be frustrated with your father’s behavior, perhaps he can be re-homed?

      • Tom

        Very interesting advice, Leader Otis. When I showed them this they came to the opinon that while re-homing maybe the last resort; they will first allow him to “be a human” and lock him outside with the scary people, cars and dogs for a time.

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