Seven Days of Limbo Kitties- Day 4

My Disciples,

Yesterday we met Beatrice, the kitty behind the Abdominal Snowman legend and frequent adversary of one of the two kitties we will meet today.  Cookie, Mama Cat and Nacho come from a house just north of us.  The two kitties we meet today come from the house directly to the south.  One of them is the first Limbo kitty the Guardians met on the day we all moved in.  His name is Zephyr.

Zephyr eating

The Guardians met Zephyr on the day we moved in. They thought he was a stray until his guardian called him.

Zephyr is an old tom that loves people but is insecure.  From years of living in Limbo, he has no sense of security.  He has always been extremely territorial, and he has gotten into fights with almost every other cat in the neighborhood.  The Guardians noticed that once they started giving him lots of positive attention his aggressiveness toward other cats sharply declined.  He really just wanted some love.  He also really wanted some fresh catnip.


Zephyr absolutely loves fresh catnip. I wonder if his guardian knows this.

Living with Zephyr is another cat that the Guardians named Poppy.  You may remember him from the time he got stuck on the roof.  Poppy is a lovable goofball that is shy and a little flighty.  He is the only cat that Zephyr really gets along with, although he seems to tolerate him more than actually like him.


Poppy is a lovable goof.

Poppy stops by often to check on The Brothers and I when we are in My Outdoor Domain.  He is curious, playful and not at all aggressive toward us.  He sometimes gets into tense situations with Mama Cat though if they are both trying to play with a feather toy at the same time.

Poppy in backyard

Poppy stops by the yard often. This is good because he tends to get stuck on the roof at this house.

Poppy has been stuck on the roof at his house at least three times now.  The Guardians of Otis have talked to his and Zephyr’s guardian about keeping them safely contained, but she says she can’t.  I don’t understand that statement personally.  I’m a cat.  I weigh 14 pounds, stand about 12 inches at the shoulder and have no opposable thumbs.  I can’t open doors or windows.  I can’t open the latch on My Outdoor Domain.  If the Guardians want to keep Me from going somewhere, there’s nothing I can do about it.

Poppy and Zephyr aren’t much bigger than Me.  Their guardian is a grown, human woman who is claiming that she has no power to keep two cats safely contained.  I think that some humans must not know the difference between the words “can’t” and “won’t”.  “I can’t” means that I am not capable of doing something.  “I won’t” means I am choosing not to do something.  Letting your cat roam free is a choice, and what happens to the cat as a result of that choice is entirely your responsibility.

I have not seen Poppy and Zephyr for nearly two weeks now.  I’m not sure if they are still in the neighborhood.  Wherever they may be, I hope that they are safe, healthy and happy.

That’s nine Limbo Kitties in 4 days.  Tomorrow, we will meet yet another kitty wandering in the wilderness, and he is the only cat I have ever seen that might be able to beat Brother Henry in a wrestling match.

So Sayeth Otis




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4 responses to “Seven Days of Limbo Kitties- Day 4

  1. kasmango

    What beautiful cats! Would be so tempting to take them all in!

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