Seven Days of Limbo Kitties- Day 3

My Disciples,

In the first two days of our Limbo kitty feature, we met 6 special, but neglected kitties.  Today I introduce you to one more.  She too has appeared before in the Blog of Otis, and she was responsible for the Abdominal Snowman scare that gripped the neighborhood a few months back.  I am not sure which house her guardians live in, but it is somewhere to the north of us.  The Guardians of Otis call her Beatrice.

Beatrice eating catnip

Beatrice was mistaken for an Abdominal Snowman when she first appeared. As it turns out, she is very nice.

Beatrice stops by once or twice a week when she is in need of a catnip fix.  She is very friendly with the Guardians, but I have seen her get into brutal fights with other cats.  The Guardians have even found large tufts of white fur in the yard that they are pretty sure come from Beatrice’s fights.  Why would anyone want to let their cat fight with other cats?  If Beatrice had safe boundaries, this wouldn’t happen.  And she really is a sweet cat when she’s not put in a confrontational situation.  She really gets silly when she eats catnip.

Beatrice on catnip

Beatrice turns into a total ham when she partakes of the nip.

I hope that Beatrice’s people, whoever they may be, will one day realize the importance of keeping her safely contained.  I only hope that they don’t learn it by losing this sweet cat to one of the many dangers of the world.

Three days down and seven Limbo kitties to show for it.  Tomorrow we meet two more, including the one with whom Beatrice most often fights.  It’s a frustrating world out there in Limbo.  Some kitties just can’t help but lash out.

So Sayeth Otis

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3 responses to “Seven Days of Limbo Kitties- Day 3

  1. We went through all this once. The neighbors behind where we used to live had two black kittens. They showed up at our house almost immediately. Just tiny things they were. It was winter and one night the temperature went down very low. Jen fretted about it and finally brought them in for the night.

    The cats hung around at our house from then on. The neighbors never tried to get them to come home. When we moved, Jen asked them if they would be caring for the cats and they said she could have them.

    All that fretting and worry for nothing. They should have just told Jen that from the start.

    • I like that happy ending though Rumpy I hope that something similar happens with some of the Limbo kitties in our neighborhood. Domino, Thomas and Franklin are certainly beginning to spend a lot of time with the Guardians lately :-).

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