Seven Days of Limbo Kitties- Day 2

My Disciples,

Yesterday I introduced you to the trio of Limbo kitties that lives in a house across the alley.  Today I bring you another three kitties that live, at least intermittently, in a house next door.  The first is a sassy girl that I’m sure most of you will recognize.  She and I have had our differences in the past, but she is still a great kitty that deserves better.  Her name is Cookie.

Cookie looking out window.

Cookie is a tough and sassy kitty, but she's not tough enough to take on a car, coyote or many other dangers in the world without walls.

As you can see in the photo, Cookie is on the sill of an open window.  She and two other kitties in her house have free access to the world, and all of the dangers it contains, through that window.  They can’t always go back inside through the window though, because their guardians often close it when they are outside.  One of the other two kitties Cookie lives with is Mama Cat.  She is another familiar face in the Blog of Otis.

Mama Cat

Mama Cat is a beautiful long-haired ginger cat.

Mama Cat only weighs about 6 pounds, but she has the heart of a lion.  I’ve seen her stand up to cats twice her size, which impressed Me, but also made Me angry at her guardians for putting her in such a dangerous position.  Mama Cat is a real sweetheart that likes to put on shows.  And what an amazing performer she is!  I have never seen anything like her “halleluja-straight-to-the-sky” paw raises!

Mama Cat Paw Raise

Mama Cat's signature "halleluja-straight-to-the-sky" paw raise is a wonder to behold!

Mama Cat’s son, Nacho, also lives with Cookie and Mama Cat.  He is a huge, shy tabby, kind of like Brother Henry, except orange.

Nacho Catnip feast.

Nacho is a huge orange tabby. He is also a big sweetie.

Nacho is three times the size of Mama Cat, but she is his mom and you can tell.  She bosses him around no problem.  When Nacho needs to though, he can act big and tough, as he did when he thought an Abdominal Snowman was loose in the neighborhood.

All three of these cats seek regular attention and catnip from the Guardians of Otis.  They are also frequently seen waiting outside their window when they have been closed outside.  It is a shame that they cannot always be in a place that is warm, safe and secure.

That’s six Limbo kitties that we’ve covered so far, and they come from only two sets of guardians.  We still have five more days to go in the Seven Days of Limbo Kitties feature.  Is our neighborhood unusual, or do you see this many Limbo cats in your neighborhood too?  The total number must be staggering!

So Sayeth Otis

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13 responses to “Seven Days of Limbo Kitties- Day 2

  1. Otis, I just want to scoop them all up – but their own guardians would miss them too much…or would they? Such brave kitties, but as you say not really tough enough out on their own (and the kitties sadly know it, too, but put on a brave face…stress is hard). Must go hug RC – soft cheek pat to you Otis.

  2. Limbo kitties make me sad.

  3. I’m here after reading a poem on Rumpy’s blog. This was such a wonderful, but extremely heartbreaking post! xxx Berner Girls

  4. Otis, I wrote a poem to go with your series. Hope ya don’t mind my linking to your blog so folks can read more about it.

  5. kasmango

    I agree with you about these kitties! I would be worried sick and going crazy if my cats were running around outside, I don’t know how people do it! (My neighborhood has quite a few of these cats, but their homes appear to have little cat doors for them… usually through the garage.. but still, how hard is it to keep them inside?

    • I know, kasmango. It’s just crazy. The Guardians of Otis let The Brothers and I go outside, but only into the custom built catio that I call My Outdoor Domain. We get all the benefits of outside (sunshine, fresh air, mental stimulation) but we’re safely contained behind wire fencing so we experience none of the dangers. The Guardians don’t have much money, so I don’t think the Outdoor Domain was expensive to build, and it only took them a couple days. If people feel that their cats MUST go outside to be happy, why can’t they build their own catio to keep them safe?

  6. Googly Cat

    Thank you Otis, for giving these poor kitties the attention they need, and by that I mean calling awareness to their situation(s). There are many limbo kitties in our neighborhood as well, and I feel for them every day I see them out and about, meowing to every passer-by for a little attention, or maybe they are simply asking for a warm home and regular meals? -sigh- it takes really very little effort to make a good home for a cat, I don’t understand why more people don’t do it.

    • Thanks Googly Cat. I don’t understand it either. I think many people buy into the myth that cats are very aloof, independent animals that don’t need much attention. In reality, we are complicated creatures with a great need for stimulation and interaction. Most people just don’t seem to take the time to get to know us. They just make assumptions and scoot us out the door :-(.

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