Seven Days of Limbo Kitties- Day 1

My Disciples,

My recent post announcing that a new Limbo kitty named Minerva had appeared generated a couple of suggestions that the Guardians of Otis should adopt Minerva.  Unfortunately, things are not so simple when it comes to Limbo kitties.  Unlike ferals or strays, Limbo kitties have guardians.  Their guardians presumably do care about them and will look for them when they disappear (thus all the “lost cat” posters in My neighborhood).  Since there is currently no law against letting kitties roam free, there’s no legal recourse to remove a kitty simply because he or she is in Limbo.  Even if it were possible for the Guardians to adopt Minerva, there are more than a dozen other cats within a block of our house that are in the exact same situation.

For the next seven days I will attempt to give you an idea of the scope of this problem by showing you just some of the Limbo kitties that visit My yard on a regular basis.  Today, we meet three of them whose guardians live in a run down house across the alley from us.  The first one you will recognize from many past Blog of Otis posts.  It is My black and white buddy Domino.

Domino eating

Poor Dom spends much of his time in Limbo. His guardians can often be heard yelling, “Get out of the house Domino!”

Domino gets thrown out into Limbo quite often.  the Guardians of Otis are always ready to offer him a meal, a reassuring scratch and use of a Toastitron 3000 when he needs it.  Domino likes to hang out with The Brothers and Me when we are in My Outdoor Domain.  He often comes and peeks through the wire to see what we’re up to.

Domino peeking through wire.

Domino often comes over to see what we’re doing in My Outdoor Domain.

Domino is a very sweet cat that likes to stalk flies and play with feather toys.  I doubt that his guardians are aware of this.  A few months ago, Domino started showing up outside with a new brother.  The new cat was very small and very afraid.

Thomas Eating

Domino’s new brother was about half this size when his guardians started making him go outside. A growing kitten, he was often very hungry too.

The Guardians of Otis called this new kitten “Thomas”.  You may actually remember Thomas from a past Blog of Otis.  At the time, he was only 9 weeks old and he was appearing on a “missing” poster.  I guess he had just been hiding when his guardians couldn’t find him.  I remember what it was like to be a 9 week old kitten outside in the wilderness.  I hid a lot too back then.  Actually, Thomas reminds Me a lot of Myself.

Thomas looking annoyed

Thomas reminds Me a lot of Myself. He even has a similar “annoyed” look.

It makes Me very angry that Thomas’s guardians lost him, found him, and did not learn a single thing from the experience. When he was found again he was still forced to live in Limbo.  They cared enough to make a poster when he was missing, but they didn’t care enough to prevent him from going missing again.  Do all humans have such difficulty learning?  They have also failed to neuter or properly socialize Thomas, so he’s more than a little standoffish toward people.  The Guardians of Otis are doing their best to change that, and Thomas is making slow progress.

Thomas looking hopeful

Thomas has come a long way with help from the Guardians. He may trust people yet.

Thomas was missing for a long time.  So long, in fact, that his guardians didn’t think he was coming back.  So what did they do?  They went out and got another kitten.  This time they got an orange tabby.  He is also not neutered and he is also forced to live in Limbo.  The Guardians of Otis have named him Franklin.

Franklin in Alley

Franklin was a “replacement” for Thomas when he was lost. Now he lives in Limbo with both Thomas and Domino.

Franklin is such a sweet cat.  He is always visiting our yard in search of the attention that he does not get at home.  He is a little flighty, but a lot more sociable than Thomas.

Franklin looking sad

Poor Franklin. He is a loving cat that likes attention…when he can find it.

In recent days, Domino, Franklin and Thomas have been spending a lot of time in the Toastitron 3000 in our back yard.  It’s not the same as having a warm, loving home that they can share with caring Guardians, but for now it is the only thing they have.  The Guardians of Otis have had many interactions with the guardians of these three kitties.  They have not had any success in changing their minds or behaviors.  I will encourage them to continue trying, and watch for any opportunity they have to improve the lot of these three wonderful kitties.

Tomorrow we will meet three more Limbo cats, all of whom will be familiar to those of you that have followed the Blog of Otis for some time.  Until then, be sure to introduce yourselves to any Limbo kitties in your neighborhood, and do what you can to help improve their lives.

So Sayeth Otis

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19 responses to “Seven Days of Limbo Kitties- Day 1

  1. Stephanie Bell

    I love your blog, bless you Otis.

    I personally ALWAYS take limbo cats to the local animal shelter if the cats enter my yard–this is perfectly lawful, even if they are owned. This accomplishes multiple purposes:
    1) it gets Limbo kitties safely off the cruel streets
    2) it forces the kitties’ owners to be held accountable because in order to get their kitties back they have to pay a fine/get educated by AC/vaccinate, license and spay/neuter (or pay higher fee if they refuse to do so
    3) if the owners don’t go looking at the shelter for their cats, the cats definitely get s/n and then get a chance at finding a better, indoor home.

    Is this something you’ve considered with all of these sad Limbo cats?

    • Thanks Stephanie! I’m glad you enjoy the blog. The Guardians have taken many limbo kitties to the shelter in the past, and it is definitely something they will continue to do in the future whenever they are able.

  2. Otis, your story absolutely breaks my heart! I, too, don’t understand why their guardians don’t understand how miserable their poor kitties are, and don’t realize it’s in their power to change their circumstances. As always, thank you for your care and dedication to the cause. We’ll do what we can to help here in San Antonio. Bless you, the Brothers and your guardians!

  3. 2 cats

    How sad this is Otis, well done for your hard work.

    ps wow Thomas is sooooo cute

    • Yes, 2 cats, Thomas is quite a handsome young fellow. The Guardians keep talking about how much he reminds them of Me when I was his age. I take it as a compliment :-).

  4. Batya

    I echo the others, but also I am boiling mad at those stupid humans. How dare they treat any animal this way. Most people wouldn’t stick a house plant out in cold weather, let alone a little kitten. Is this not a case for the ASPCA or other agency that could enforce anti-cruelty laws? Surely neglect is considered cruelty?

    • I know Batya. It makes Me mad too. And it is happening EVERYWHERE. The way a large portion of the human population “cares” for their cats is appalling. That’s why I am trying My hardest to shine a spotlight on this. If everyone decides that this kind of treatment is unacceptable, maybe we can enact stricter laws to change it.

  5. Otis, your Guardians are very kind. At our old home, we also had many limbo kitties – and a house with people like Domino’s. We also created warm dry shelters, with food but there was else we could do. Heartbreaking. Here, the laws make Guardians keep cats in (although some don’t listen) Otis keep vigil and hope for enlightenment.

  6. Sad story, gorgeous photos!

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