Something Big is Brewing

My Disciples,

My day of rest yesterday really helped Me clear My head.  Of course, it also gave Me a lot of time to reflect on the current state of felinekind, and how the problems we kitties are facing are overwhelming.  Truth be told, for a large part of the day yesterday, I just laid on the cat tree by the front window feeling immobilized by the enormity of the task before me.  How can one, extremely svelte cat change the minds and actions of millions of humans?  Is what I am attempting even possible?

Otis Pondering Life

The enormity of My burden weighed heavily on My mind yesterday. Knowing the nature of humans, is what I hope to achieve even possible?

Well, as the sun began to set the first glimmer of an idea began to form somewhere in the dark recesses of My troubled mind.  Yes, there might be a way to affect change on a greater scale.  All hope may not yet be lost.  I can’t tell you anything else at this point, My Disciples, except that I think something big is brewing.  I shall meet with My trusted High Priests, and together we will flesh out this idea and see where we can take it.  In the meantime, I will do My best to hold on to hope and keep moving forward with the mission of creating a better, safer world for all of felinekind.

So Sayeth Otis

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8 responses to “Something Big is Brewing

  1. Hilary

    Go Leader, go!

  2. Batya

    Your disciples are behind you 100%. You can do this! Trout, Kismet, and I are eager to help.

  3. Tracey Rogers

    It is a big task to try and change all of humankind but if you can just change a few or even a few hundred by spreading your message you will have accomplished great things. Think of all the kitties who will have safe and loving homes that might have otherwise been in limbo if not for your message. Don’t give up…the ones you save will be worth it!

    Mew, mew, meow, meow, meow!

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