A New Limbo Kitty Appears

My Disciples,

A kitty that I had previously believed to be a safely contained, indoor-only cat has suddenly appeared in Limbo.  When I saw her before (I think it’s a girl anyway) she was always looking out the front window of the house across the street.  The Guardians saw her too, and they began calling her “Minerva”.  Well,  imagine My surprise/disappointment when Minerva came running across the street yesterday after the Guardians put out catnip for Cookie and Mama Cat!  I watched her from the tall cat tree in My front window as she helped herself to some of the nip.

Minerva stops by 1

I thought Minerva had responsible Guardians. Instead she has guardians that send her out into Limbo.

After she had eaten quite a bit of catnip, Minerva began to roll around and get a little crazy.  I was glad she was enjoying herself, but I was extremely sad that yet another neighborhood kitty was now in constant danger.

Minerva stops by 2

After partaking of the nip, Minerva got a little crazy.

As Minerva was rolling around, I decided to try to make contact with her.  I said, “Hey!  Minerva!  Look up here!  It’s Me!  Leader Otis!”  She rolled onto her feet and looked up at Me in surprise.

Minerva stops by 3

When I yelled to get Minerva's attention, she looked up at Me in surprise.

Minerva asked Me what I was “The Leader” of, and I told her all about The Cult of Otis and My mission to make the world a safer, healthier, happier place for all felinekind.  She hesitated for a moment and said, “You mean, the world is not safe for kitties right now?”  That’s when I realized that Minerva had not yet been in Limbo very long.  She was still naïve about the threats that exist in the world without walls.

I quickly told Minerva about cars, chemicals, wild animals, dogs, other cats, mean people, bad weather, alien abduction and every other threat that came to mind.  My intention was to give her a better idea about the danger she was facing so she would be better prepared, but I think I gave her too much information all at once.  Her eyes spread wide and she took off running and hid alongside the house.

Minerva stops by 4

I think I gave Minerva too much scary information at once. She ran and hid alongside the house.

I went to the side window and eventually got Minerva calmed down.  She decided that she would go back to her own yard and wait patiently until her guardians let her back inside.  I reminded her to be careful crossing the road because of the cars, and her eyes got huge again momentarily.  Fortunately, she made it back home OK…this time.

Every time a cat is sent out into Limbo, it is just like spinning a big wheel of fate.  More times than not, if luck holds, the wheel will come to a stop with the needle pointing at “home safe.”  But this is not guaranteed.  As long as a cat’s guardians are not setting safe boundaries to keep their kitty out of harm’s way, the possibility remains that the wheel will someday come to a stop on “car”, “coyote”, “dog”, “raccoon”, “poison” or any number of other things that are not even remotely close to “home safe.”  Neither The Brothers, nor the Guardians, nor I can imagine why anyone who truly loves their cat would ever feel OK making that kind of gamble with his or her life.

So Sayeth Otis

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10 responses to “A New Limbo Kitty Appears

  1. Linda Mack

    Minerva is a beautiful cat. She needs a better home. Maybe your Guardians could adopt her.

    • Unfortunately G-ma Mack, Minerva already has guardians, but like so many other guardians out there they allow her to wander outside. Even if the Guardians weren’t already at their 3 cat limit for the city of Seattle, adopting Minerva wouldn’t be an option (because of her guardians). Plus, there are at least 14 or 15 other Limbo cats in the neighborhood, some of which have even more neglectful guardians than Minerva. It’s crazy how prevalent cat neglect is, which is the whole reason the message of The Cult of Otis needs to be spread. 😦

  2. Minerva must be Siamese. What a beauty. Please adopt her!

    She is Almost as beautiful as you, Otis. Xxx

  3. Batya

    Perhaps your Guardians could talk to Minerva’s humans and point out all the dangers involved in letting their kitty roam outside.

    • They have not yet met Minerva’s guardians, Batya, but they will definitely talk to them if they get the chance. So far though, every direct encounter with kitty guardians in this neighborhood has been very unsatisfying. Don’t worry though, that won’t stop all of us from trying. And we are always leading by example with My very visible Outdoor Domain!

  4. Poor Minerva! Otis, she is probably naive. Maybe she will listen and just back away from the temptations of an open door. Keep trying Otis!

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  6. Wee iss sorry that Minerva iss wanderin in Limbo…oh wait shee iss Charlie….
    Wee hopess Charlie-Minerva iss all rite aftur thee kat fight with thee Mitey Stanley…
    Purrayin…..OOOHHHHMMMMM meow…..
    ‘Purrince’ Siddhartha an LadyMum
    (Jan. 2015)

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