Mysterious Package Part II: Package Within A Package

My Disciples,

When we left off yesterday, Brother Oliver had just discovered that there was something inside the mysterious package that had been delivered to us.  As he reached in to pull out the contents, Brother Henry stood at the ready to act if I needed protection.  Fortunately, what Brother Oliver pulled out from the package was not dangerous.  It was another package!

The package was pinkish-colored and made of plastic.  We were all very intrigued.  Brother Oliver took a sniff and said, “This smells like catnip!”  There was also a card that had two dogs on it, but we were so entranced by the smell of catnip emanating from the plastic package that we didn’t even think to read the card right away.

Mysterious Package 4

Inside the package was a card and another package. It smelled like catnip!

Brother Oliver and I inspected the package closely to see if there was any way to open it.  I said, “Look Brother Oliver!  There’s a crack that goes all the way around the edge here.  I think it might open along this crack!”  We both poked and prodded with our paws, but we couldn’t seem to make any headway on opening the package.

Mysterious Package 5

I thought I saw a crack along which we could open the package, but Brother Oliver and I couldn't figure it out.

At this point Brother Oliver said, “Maybe if I bite it hard enough it will open.”  As he proceeded to bite it, Brother Henry said, “Well, it looks like there’s no real danger here, so I’m going to go patrol the area to make sure that this package wasn’t just something to distract us while the long-feared Dog Uprising gets underway.  After all, the card did have two dogs on it.”  He then walked away to start his patrol.

Mysterious Package 6

Brother Oliver thought that if he bit the package, it might open. Brother Henry left to patrol for signs of the long-feared Dog Uprising.

Brother Oliver bit the box as hard as he could and then said, “Ow!  Ith too hart.  I thing I hur ny toof!”

Mysterious Package 7

The box was too hard for Brother Oliver to bite through. He thought he might have hurt his tooth when he tried.

Just when it seemed like all hope for opening the package was lost, I had an idea.  I realized that the reason we were unable to open the package was because we didn’t have thumbs.  But I knew who did.  I meowed loudly for the Guardians and one of them immediately appeared to do My bidding.

So Sayeth Otis

Tomorrow- Mysterious Package Part III:  Mystery Solved

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9 responses to “Mysterious Package Part II: Package Within A Package

  1. Chris

    Oh, the curiosity is killing us here!

    Buggy, Monster Kitty, Kewpie, and Bunkaroo.

  2. We are all a-twitch to know what’s inside!

  3. Lisa Loh

    Wow, I admire your creative writing. And they are very lovely. Im curious what’s inside.

  4. Oh Brother Oliver! I hope you didn’t hurt your tooth! I can’t wait to see what’s in there!

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