Mysterious Package Part I: The Investigation Begins

My Disciples,

The other day, one of the Guardians came home from work with a mysterious package he had received in the mail.  It was addressed to The Brothers and Me.  None of us had ever received a package in the mail before, so we were even more curious than we usually are.  That’s saying a lot, because we cats are always very curious.

Mysterious Package 1

The Guardian received a mysterious package in the mail that was addressed to The Brothers and Me. We were very curious about it.

As we were all investigating the package, I noticed that it was very squishy and padded.  I thought that maybe it wasn’t a package at all, but a pillow that someone had sent Me to rest My tired head.  I laid down on it to test My theory.

Mysterious Package 2

I thought that, since the package felt padded, it might actually be a pillow for Me to rest My head on.

Just as I was getting settled in and starting to fall asleep on My pillow package, Brother Oliver said, “Wait!  Leader Otis!  There’s something inside!”  I was instantly awake as My curiosity reached a fever pitch.

Mysterious Package 3

Brother Oliver discovered that something was inside the package. Perhaps it was not a pillow after all.

Brother Oliver reached his paw into the package and felt something smooth and firm.  He said, “Leader Otis!  I’m not sure what it is, but I’m going to try to pull it out.  Get ready to run in case it is something dangerous!”  Brother Henry remained focused and at the ready in case he needed to leap into action to protect Me.  Brother Oliver slowly pulled out the contents of the package.

So Sayeth Otis

Tomorrow- Mysterious Package Part II:  Package Within A Package

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4 responses to “Mysterious Package Part I: The Investigation Begins

  1. Oh Dog! What could it be????

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