Transmitting From the Closet

A closeup on the face of Otis.

Leader Otis

My Disciples,

Oh My gosh!  Sorry for the late update today but we are at Defcat 1 here!  The Guardians have been in cleaning mode all morning and that terrifying, carpet sucking vacuum thing has been roaring around the house!  The Brothers and I haven’t even been able to make it out of the closet long enough to get on the computer, so I am sending this from my iPawed.

Huh!?  Whazzat?  Brother Oliver says he hears the vacuum coming back around, so I’m going to turn this thing off in case it can sense the presence of electronics.  I only hope it can’t also sense fear!

So Sayeth Otis

sent from my iPawed

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5 responses to “Transmitting From the Closet

  1. Egad! Quick, behind the shoes!

  2. RC Cat: “I have heard tales from ancient relative Granny who is visiting about how she launched a surprise attack and leaping like a cougar onto one such annoying device with claws and fangs – determined to bring it down like an antelope. But personally, I do not care to lower myself to such rowdy adventures. A nice dark closet – preferably with some freshly dry cleaned or laundered clothing to curl up on. Courage Leader Otis. Put on a brave front for the brothers. I shall purr courage to you.”

  3. Claudine Erlandson

    Shall I send you more chatnip (organic catnip toys) to relax you? I hope you received the last dope shipment? ♥

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