OK Outside Vs. Not OK Outside #1

My Disciples,

A few months back I mentioned that the Guardians had stumbled across some kitties that could safely be allowed outside in the world without walls.  And since then, they have discovered additional kitties that they feel are just fine outside.  They’ve also discovered many, many more kitties that they feel are less than OK being allowed to roam free without safe boundaries.  Because there seems to be so much confusion about which kitties are which, I have decided to start the new “OK Outside Vs. Not OK Outside” photo series.  Today, I bring you the first installment.

The two kitties in the photos below were spotted on two different front porches in our neighborhood.  The first was seen about three blocks south of our house, just hanging out on the porch near a pot containing a whole bunch of pine cones.  Take a look.

Porch Cat #1 A

Here's the first cat that the Guardians spotted on a porch. What do you think? Is he OK outside?

The second cat was spotted on the porch of a vacant home about two blocks west of our house.  The yard was overgrown, and the home was in very bad repair.  Here’s what the kitty looked like.

Cat on porch #2

Here's the second kitty the Guardians saw on a porch. What do you think? Is he OK outside?

If you have read My teachings or followed this blog for any amount of time, you will know My answers for the questions above. But what do you think?  Enter your answers below and I will discuss them in an upcoming post.  Also, please feel free to discuss your answers in the comments.

For those of you who receive My blog updates via email, you may need to go to the web version (just click on the title) to vote.  Thanks for participating!

So Sayeth Otis



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14 responses to “OK Outside Vs. Not OK Outside #1

  1. Otis – you should be on a late night TV show like Leno and do this segment!
    RC Cat: “I always sit in the window and complain I want to go outside (and climb a tree – but I don’t tell guardians that!). But when my guardians put on my kitty holster and leash and take me outside in the backyard – it’s usually just too noisy! It is not so nice after all. So I don’t wish to be there long – just a little sniffing and sunning. I vote to stay inside. Kitty Guardians, listen to Otis!”

    • RC Cat, can you send me a photo of you on your leash? I would love to show another good example of how to safely let a kitty explore the outdoors :-).

      • RC Cat: “Hi Otis. I will ask my minions to check for an outdoor photo. It’s rained so much recently the grass is soggy and I do not wish to venture forth. I will write a memo to do that, though. Now I must practice my purr.” (There is a picture of another cat walking on leash in that blog post “Memo: see attached cat” or there are some on the Crazy K Farms website. If it ever stops raining, I will try to snap one)

      • RC please ignore that embarrassing “funny” photo of me on the hardwood floor in that blog post…I had been outside – and was reluctant to go back indoors. To express my unhappiness, I decided to plank and ignore their wishes to move. I must hit that delete button on the camera with greater force.” Purr on Otis

      • No worries RC. That looked to Me like you were just sleep walking :-).

  2. Batya

    I voted that kitty one was o.k. outside, but I don’t know . . . that’s a very cute cat. Might get stolen. Kitty two is definitely NOT o.k. outside. He doesn’t look very happy either.

  3. i feel so sad for kitties that have to live outside. *sigh*

  4. Agree agree! Kitty 1 is very happy. 😉
    Also, I think there are some exceptions to kitties being allowed outside as well.. my kitty Juno, who is about 8 months now, will start going through a lengthy process of leash training, and once she’s gotten used to the collar inside, the harness inside, and walking on the leash inside, she’ll be able to enjoy the breezes and the grass without being in risk (and worrying me!). 😀

    • Yes lunakitty, there are definitely exceptions. Kitties going outside on a leash and harness have the protection and guidance of their Guardian. Also, kitties can enjoy safe time outside in an enclosure (like My Outdoor Domain). Would you be willing to send Me a photo of Juno wearing her harness and leash? I would love to share it as an example of responsible outside time :-).

  5. Sure thing, once she graduates to that. First we’re just getting her used to the collar-wearing around the house. She’s OK with it so far! 😀 I’ll notify you once she’s done with just collar.

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