Bart Is Missing

My Disciples,

One of the Guardians returned from a walk and shared with Me what they had seen.  Again…a kitty is lost.  A small photo, a psychedelic background, and the words, “Missing…Bart…Call…” and a phone number.  That’s all the detail that was given on this poor lost kitty.

Lost Cat Poster for Bart

The poster says very little, and yet it tells an all too familiar story. As always, I purr that Bart is someplace safe.

Sadly, Bart wasn’t the only kitty on the telephone pole.  His poster had been put up right on top of Hendo’s.  I guess I can assume that Hendo went missing before Bart.  Tomorrow will there be another poster on top of Bart’s?

Lost Cat Posters for Hendo and Bart

Hendo went missing. Then Bart went missing. A clear pattern is developing here.

A block away, another telephone pole was decorated with three lost cat posters.  Hendo was there again on one side of the pole.  On the other side there was Stan and Milan.

Three lost cat posters

So many lost. Are humans unable to learn from the mistakes of others?

I have decided that the humans in My neighborhood must have some sort of impairment that prevents them from learning from the mistakes of others.  I can think of no other explanation.  I mean, the evidence of what can happen when you don’t properly protect your kitty is everywhere.  And these humans must care at least a little bit about their cats or they wouldn’t even bother to put up a poster when they go missing.  So, if they care then why don’t they prevent this terrible thing from happening?

Maybe My kitty brain just can’t comprehend the mysteries of humans.  I guess I will just turn My mental energy toward purring for the safety, health and happiness of kitties everywhere and continuing to spread The Good Word as best I can.

So Sayeth Otis

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4 responses to “Bart Is Missing

  1. Batya

    Your neighborhood seems to have a lot of clueless humans. Or perhaps when cats go missing where I live, no one cares enough to put up a poster. Maybe the Guardians should start putting up posters urging humans to keep their beloved cats safely indoors. If these were sold in the Cult of Otis store, I would certainly buy some. Sending hope out into the universe that all these kitties are safe.

  2. I was thinking the same as Batya. I guess it’s good that they care enough to put up a flyer, but it’s sad there are so many. I know in my case I have a cat that loves to try to sneak out the door when I leave. I have to be on guard, but he did get out on me one day a couple weeks ago and I was frantic until he was back safe indoors. Worry wort? Maybe, but he’s not used to being outdoors and once he gets outside he becomes afraid.

    • My Guardians would worry too if The Brothers or I got outside of the house or our enclosure. I think that worry is a healthy reaction to the very real dangers that exist to us cats in the world!

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