Herb Garden Annihilation

My Disciples,

The Guardians went outside today and discovered that someone had annihilated the herb garden!  Well, maybe annihilated is a bit too strong of a word, but there was certainly a lot of dirt carnage strewn all over the sidewalk.  Someone really went to town!

Garden Carnage

Someone really went to town in the herb garden. Dirt carnage was everywhere!

Looking out at the garden from the front window, it looked to Me like the destruction had been the work of some crazy catniphead.  As the Guardians investigated the ruins of the garden, they discovered some incriminating evidence that reinforced My theory.

Cat track in the garden

Fresh kitty tracks were visible in the garden. This reinforced My theory that a crazy catniphead was the culprit.

The Guardians next looked at the directionality of the dirt spray coming from the herb garden.  This led them to their primary suspect who was sitting nearby acting casual.  The Guardians were not fooled.

Mama cat sitting on sidewalk.

The Guardians spotted a suspect. She was acting casual, but the directionality of the dirt spray was indicating her guilt.

It was Mama Cat!  She had been the one who had desecrated the herb garden!  I should have known.  She definitely has an affinity for the nip, and she tends to get worked up when she’s on it.

Mama Cat

Mama cat was the culprit!!!

Even though the Guardians knew that Mama Cat had made the mess in the herb garden, all they did was give her scratches and call her a good girl.  I wonder though, what could have happened to Mama if she had done this to the garden of someone who doesn’t like cats?  If Mama had messed up the herb garden of a mean person, something really bad could have happened to her and her guardians would have been completely oblivious to what was going on.

As I watched the Guardians clean up the mess, I was proud of them for being so nice to Mama the whole time.  I know they reserve their frustration for the people who are supposed to be keeping Mama safely contained.  But many people are not like them, and any time an irresponsible guardian lets their cat wander free, they may be setting him or her on a collision course with disaster.  Unfortunately, it is always the kitty that suffers for the shortcomings of the guardian.

So Sayeth Otis

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10 responses to “Herb Garden Annihilation

  1. Batya

    Your guardians are the best!

  2. Well said Leader Otis! You’re so fortunate to have found such great guardians!

  3. Oh Mama. Be careful – some truly value their dirt!

  4. Amen Leader Otis! But isn’t that the way? We take our frustrations out on those who are least able to defend themselves against us?

    • It does seem to be that way with some humans, Rumpy. But I tend to take out My frustrations by pulling sneak attacks on Brothers Oliver and Henry. Since they both outweigh Me by about 4 pounds, they tend to be pretty good at defending themselves. 🙂

  5. Mamma Cat is so pretty.
    I wish that my puppy did not dislike cats so much.

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