Zephyr Tries To Forget

My Disciples,

Yesterday morning the neighbor Limbo kitty Zephyr had a harrowing close encounter with a huge Raccoon.  Fortunately, one of the Guardians was there to prevent a disaster, but clearly the close call has had a lasting impact on Zephyr’s psyche.  This morning I looked out the window to see him sitting in a pot of the hard stuff.

Zephyr in a pot of catnip.

The close encounter with the Raccoon really shook Zephyr to his core. He was trying to forget by hitting the hard stuff.

That’s right, Zephyr was chomping on and rolling in a big pot of raw, uncut catnip.  I can’t say that I blame him.  When I was lost in the wilderness I would have done anything to forget some of My many terrifying encounters with wild animals.  Zephyr is kicked out of his house most of the time, so his only escape from his reality is through the use of mind-altering substances.  Watching him, I just hoped that he wouldn’t O.D. and start chasing invisible birds and bunnies around the yard.  That could be very dangerous next to our busy road!  Fortunately, Zephyr just sat in the pot and sort of zoned out after awhile.

Zephyr on the nip.

After rolling in and chewing on the catnip, Zephyr just sat and zoned out.

Eventually Zephyr came down from his nip trip and wandered back to his own yard.  Even though I have personal experience with the dangers of nip addiction, I hoped that he had at least managed to find some brief escape from the hardships and fears that he endures each day out there in Limbo.  In this hard world, a kitty that has been neglected by his guardian has to take comfort wherever he can find it.

So Sayeth Otis

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8 responses to “Zephyr Tries To Forget

  1. It is a sad life out there….. *sigh*

  2. Batya

    I hate those people for treating Zephyr so badly.

    • I know Batya. It is so frustrating. Poor kitties have no control over who they end up depending on for all of their needs. The Guardians can fill in some of the gaps for Zephyr and the 10 or 12 other Limbo kitties that visit them, but not all. 😦

  3. Poor guy. It really pushes my buttons when I see my neighbors’ cats wandering about outside. No excuse for that kind of treatment.

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