The Crunchy Little Birds Mock Me

My Disciples,

It was sunny yesterday, so I spent some time looking out the window and enjoying the day.  Well, I should say I tried to spend some time looking out the window and enjoying the day.  What really happened was I sat down in front of the window and was immediately chirped and chattered at by about a dozen crunchy little birds in the tree outside.  The worst part was, I don’t think they were chattering out of fear.  I think they knew that I was safely contained behind a window screen so I couldn’t crunch their little bones!  I think they were chattering little birdie curses at Me and mocking Me!  I pretended to ignore them.

Otis ignoring the birds

I pretended to ignore the crunchy little birds, but oh how they annoyed Me!

Eventually I jumped down out of the window and went to find My new chirpie bird toy.  After batting that thing around for half an hour and biting it from head to toe I found that I felt much better.  When I went back to the window later in the day, the crunchy little mocking birds were gone.  I breathed a sigh of relief and really started enjoying Myself…that is…until a crunchy little squirrel jumped up on the fence outside the window and began chattering and waving his tail at Me.  Oh little squirrel.  You know not who you mock…

So Sayeth Otis

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5 responses to “The Crunchy Little Birds Mock Me

  1. Oh they would not chirp so loud if you were outside Otis… they should instead sing the praises of the Guardians!

  2. Otis, they have no respect! (but maybe they have to keep moving to stay warm? Just jealous of your zen gaze perhaps?

  3. My human actually encourages the birds by feeding them on the window sill. I really don’t mind, because we don’t have cable TV down here in the hollow. I think of the window as the bird channel. Besides bird programs, I also get to see regular features about squirrels and chipmunks, and if I stay up long enough, I might even catch the opossum late show. Great entertainment!
    Pudge the Cat

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