The Guardians Control The Stars!

My Disciples,

Yesterday I heard one of the Guardians calling me, and when I went to investigate I found her standing in front of one of the side windows in our house.  I jumped up on the kitty perch in front of the window to see what she wanted and she drew My attention to the wall.  I was completely amazed.  The Guardians had managed to pull the stars out of the sky and stick them on the wall!  As I stared at the stars, they began to move.

Otis staring at the stars.

The Guardians had pulled the stars out of the sky and brought them into our house!

I had no idea how the Guardians had accomplished such an amazing feat, but as the stars began to move I felt compelled to try to catch them.  I swatted at passing stars again and again, but I just couldn’t seem to pin one of them underneath My paw!

Otis trying to catch stars.

I felt compelled to try to capture the stars, but I wasn't fast enough.

The Guardians must have known I would enjoy trying to capture stars.  That’s probably why they did so much work to bring them all inside the house.  I still can’t believe they really did it. I mean, how did they reach the stars all the way up there in the sky?  And how did they get them all moved down here into the house?

Otis pondering the stars.

I just can't even imagine how the Guardians got the stars moved into the house. Amazing!

Perhaps I’ll never know the Guardians’ secret to capturing stars.  If I had to venture a guess though, I would say that it has something to do with their thumbs.  Having thumbs seems to be the reason the Guardians are able to do most of the things that I can’t.  Whatever their secret may be though, after yesterday’s events, I believe more than ever that the Guardians work in mysterious ways.

So Sayeth Otis

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11 responses to “The Guardians Control The Stars!

  1. hopewellmomschoolagain

    Your guardians leave us speechless in awe, Otis! What an accomplishment for beings who can’t even groom themselves properly!! The best our guardians can do is to make a red spot appear! Sometimes they make a read circle, bit I’ve notice it’s only in front of the closet which has our twin on it. I can’t explain the closet thing any more than you can the stars! But stars…wow. just. wow. Gosh, now I need to bathe and nap.

    Your friend C for C, C and CC

    • My Guardians have made that red dot too, C! I discovered that they make it with something called a “lazem-appointer” or something like that! I’ve never seen them make a red circle though. I’m impressed!

  2. Batya

    Your Guardians are truly special beings. I think the stars came willingly, just to delight you and the Brothers.

  3. I think it’s magic! woo woo woo!

  4. Chris

    While we purry ones here find the stars amazing, my Guardian is more interested to know what kind of fermentation experiment is going on in the jars on the table behind you? Your Guardians are making DIY…fish sauce?? Shrimp paste?? Wet cat food??

    Buggy, companion to Chris

    • Buggy, I overheard the Guardians say that they are testing soil from something out in the yard they called a “guard in bed”. I’m not sure what that is, but apparently it is full of dirt that needs testing.

  5. This post really made my day! Ü

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