It’s Not Easy Being Svelte

My Disciples,

Yesterday as I attended to some much needed grooming, I seemed to be having some difficulty reaching the fur on My lower belly.  As I discovered long ago, My being a kitty means that I am svelte, so I deduced that the challenges I experienced yesterday must have been a direct result of this svelteness.

Otis cleaning belly.

My extreme svelteness makes it challenging for Me to groom My lower belly.

Despite the nearly insurmountable obstacle that My svelteness was posing to My grooming efforts, I eventually persevered.  My belly was thoroughly bathed, but the struggle had taken a lot out of Me.  I collapsed onto My back and just laid there looking clean and svelte.

Otis exhausted

The grooming effort took a lot out of Me. I laid on My back for awhile afterward looking clean and svelte.

After an hour or two I seemed to recover some of My strength.  It was time for Me to get up and go work on official Cult of Otis business.  Before I started working though, I figured I better make a quick stop at My food bowl.  I knew I had better replace some of that energy I had used during My earlier struggle.  It’s really not easy being svelte.

So Sayeth Otis

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10 responses to “It’s Not Easy Being Svelte

  1. Such valiant efforts deserve a stop by the food trough… err… bowl.

  2. Chris

    Otis, you are gorgeously svelte. My purr is that all kitties will one day have a home as wonderful as ours and the ability to grow svelter and svelter.

    Buggy, companion to Chris

  3. Batya

    No one is svelter!
    Being human, my grooming takes a somewhat different avenue, but I too, am somewhat svelte, and there are indeed obstacles svelteness poses.

  4. Lookin’ good there Otis! woo woo wooo!!!

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