Brother Henry’s Mighty Yawn

My Disciples,

As you all know, Brother Henry is The Muscle of the Cult of Otis.  He is 17 pounds of tabby fury, and he is My greatest feline protector.  Brother Henry exudes feline power from every pore, but did you know that even his yawn is mighty?

Mighty Yawn

Tremble before the mighty yawn of Brother Henry!

It gives Me shivers just looking at it!  All I can say is, even when he’s sleepy, I’m glad Brother Henry is on our side!

So Sayeth Otis

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14 responses to “Brother Henry’s Mighty Yawn

  1. I’ll bet that when Brother Henry yawns even Dog notices!

  2. Definately one heck of a yawn. Scared me from way over here!

  3. Oh my lord. He looks like a cobra!

  4. It’s like a lion perched on pride rock….Oh! Mighty Henry!

  5. That is an even more impressive yawn than Pebby’s!

  6. I think I mountain fell over somewhere when he yawned.

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