Someone’s Been Marking Our Front Door

My Disciples,

The Brothers and I have long smelled something stinky by the front door, but when we have tried to draw it to the Guardian’s attention, they haven’t seemed to notice.  I know human noses aren’t as capable as kitty noses, but I was amazed they weren’t picking up on this shining beacon of stink.  Fortunately, their eyes work better than their noses, and the recent snow helped cue the Guardians in to what The Brothers and I have known all along.  Someone has been urine marking our front door.

Urine on door and in snow.

The yellow snow and streaks on the door don't lie. Someone has been marking our front door.

We kitties like to spread our smell around to claim things as our own.  The Brothers and I are constantly rubbing our cheeks and bodies against everything in our house (including the Guardians), effectively making everything smell like us.  Outside our door there are more than a dozen Limbo kitties all vying for the same territory.  They need to employ something a bit stronger to leave their mark, so they are spraying concentrated urine everywhere.  Yes, it is kind of gross, but that’s what some stressed indoor kitties and most Limbo kitties do.

Now, you can imagine how someone who doesn’t like cats (crazy, I know) might respond to this behavior.  Add in the fact that Limbo kitties also poop all over the place and it might be enough to drive an irate homeowner to take drastic measures.  The Guardians, of course, will just clean the mess up, but even they aren’t exactly thrilled to have poop all over their yard and pee all over their door.  They know it is the cats’ guardians who are to blame though, not the cats.

So keeping your cat safely contained will not only help your cat be happier and healthier, it will likely make your relationship with your human neighbors happier and healthier.  Do the right thing, keep kitty contained and keep poop and pee in the litter box.

So Sayeth Otis

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8 responses to “Someone’s Been Marking Our Front Door

  1. Amen Leader Otis! Our yard stinks from ferals in the area. *sigh*

  2. Chris

    We have a neighbor limbo kitty who marks our door too! Pew!

    Buggy, companion to Chris

    • I heard the Guardians talking about putting a camera by the front door so they can see which kitty (or kitties) is doing it. They could then take the footage to the Limbo kitty’s guardians and ask them to be more responsible and keep their kitty contained. I’m not sure if it would work, but it might be worth a try…

  3. Sigh. Have a new neighbor – with a lovely cat who is out unsupervised much of the time. This kitty is really at risk as it is fat and declawed – and has always lived indoor. I keep mentioning that the neighborhood looks safe, there are many dangers for outdoor cats even here….Cross paws she will listen. (Have to clean the front door now) Double sigh.

  4. Batya

    I like the Guardians’ idea of a camera, then sharing the footage with the heartless people who should take better care of their cats. If that doesn’t make a difference, and the humans can’t be persuaded to keept their kitties safely inside, the Guardians might try using Feliway around the bottom of your front door. It doesn’t always work, but when it does, it makes a dramatic difference.

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