I Am Warm, Safe And Troubled

My Disciples,

This morning I sat on My cat tree looking out the window at a snow covered landscape.  In that moment I was overcome with a tremendous feeling of gratitude that I was able to take in this sight from a comfortable perch on the warm side of the glass.  From My comfortable and safe point of view, the snow looked beautiful; but snow was not all I was seeing, and there was something else outside that was troubling Me greatly.

Otis looking out the window at a snowy yard.

I felt fortunate to view the snow from the safe and warm side of the window, but what I saw in the snow troubled Me.

Tracks in the snow led to the large bush in the front yard.  I could just make out Domino, hiding under the bush and looking miserable.  Domino has guardians, but they never let him or his two younger brothers inside.  They belong to the group of humans that hold onto the misguided belief that kitties belong outside in the world without walls.  Looking at Domino under that bush, I doubted that he agreed.

Domino under the bushes.

Domino was hiding under the bushes to get away from the snow. Responsible Guardians do not let this happen to their kitties.

The Guardians of Otis do all that they can for Domino and the dozen-plus other Limbo cats in the neighborhood, but they are only two people.  I frequently hear them speaking of their frustrations with the overwhelming nature of the situation, and how they feel like people refuse to change their behavior even when the animals they presumably love are clearly suffering for their choices.  I’ve witnessed, and suffered from, the stubbornness of humans firsthand, so I understand these feelings of hopelessness; but I look at My life now and it helps Me hold onto hope that one day I will look out the window on a snowy day and see only the tracks of Raccoons, squirrels and other wild animals crisscrossing through the whiteness.  Until that day, I’ll keep doing My best to spread The Good Word, and I hope you, My Disciples, will do your best to help Me.

So Sayeth Otis

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10 responses to “I Am Warm, Safe And Troubled

  1. Batya

    That photo of Domino is just heart-breaking. I will never understand humans like that. Bless you, Otis, and your Guardians, for doing all you can on behalf of kitties.

  2. hopewellmomschoolagain

    This type of cat abuse is a huge problem in the rural area where we live. Our guardians call the humans “rednecks” and we see the results of their ignorance all the time as limbo cats come to our door. We hear that some dogs are TIED UP to a post and left there for the majority of their lives. We’re not too friendly with dogs since our own died a few years ago (we were bemused at the guardians sorrow but as dogs go he was ok) but it simply defies belief they way these “so-called” rednecks shot at kittys, lock them out of the house–sometimes even chasing them from nice warm barns!

    Thank you leader Otis for directing readers attention to this national problem.

    Your friends C, C and CC

  3. Troubled also. Even rough working farm cats are given snug spots in the hay of barns. Some cats can only pray for a dry sheltered spot, short winter and warming suns…and that someday their humans will have to walk barefooted in the snow along side them to see for themselves…

  4. I was thinking about it this morning when I heard you were getting snow Leader Otis. It makes me so sad to see people treating their kitties that way. I hope we can all do something to educate pet guardians and bring love and safety to your beautiful brothers and sisters.

    Love to you, the Brothers and your Guardians,
    Linda, Lola and Griffon

    • It is very sad. And, even more sad, is how common and widespread it seems to be. Irresponsible cat guardianship seems to be the rule, rather than the exception in My neighborhood. 😦

  5. Brenda

    Dear Otis, We live in a nice warm house full of rescued Limbo Kitties in Missouri and are very thankful we don’t have to be out in the cold and snow. We are very concerned for Domino! Our guardians want you to check with your guardians and see if they will accept a donation to build another Toastatron for Domino to use.

    Your loyal followers from Missouri,
    Otis ( 16lbs. of orange Tabby Furry! ), Tigger, Loohoo and FiFi

    • The Guardians truly appreciate the offer Otis (great name!), Tigger, Loohoo and FiFi, but they said that they know there must be some needy kitties in your area as well (thanks so much for inviting Limbo kitties into your house, by the way!). It is much colder for much longer in Missouri than it is here in Seattle, so the Guardians would love it if you created a Toastitron for kitties there instead. Again though, thanks so much for the offer.

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