A Cold Day For Limbo Kitties

My Disciples,

This morning I awoke to hear Brother Henry shouting for Me from the living room.  I ran in to see what he wanted and found him sitting on top of the cat tree in front of the window.  He said, “Leader Otis!  There’s white stuff falling out of the sky!  What does it mean!?”  Through the window behind Brother Henry, I could see that we were having a snowstorm.

Henry in front of a window with snow falling in the background.

For some reason, Brother Henry always forgets that it sometimes snows.

I shook My head and said, “Brother Henry?  Do you remember that this same thing happened last year, and almost every year before that?”  He paused for a moment and said, “Oh yeah…it’s snow, right?”  I confirmed that it was indeed snow, and Brother Henry looked a little bit embarrassed.  Honestly though, I can understand why he always forgets.  I spent My first winter wandering in the wilderness.  I remember the awful feeling of cold snow under My paws.  Brother Henry has always been in The Promised Land, so he’s only seen snow from the inside of a warm house.

The memory of My cold, snow-chapped paws immediately brought a flood of concern for all of the neighborhood Limbo cats that might be locked out of their house during the current snowstorm.  I ran to the back window to look out into the yard and see if I needed to alert the Guardians that someone needed help.  That’s when I remembered that the Guardians had already provided a safe shelter for cold kitties in need, and at the moment the neighbor Limbo kitty Zephyr was taking advantage of it.

Zephyr in the Toastitron

Zephyr had escaped the snow by entering the catnip enhanced, Toastitron 3000.

Zephyr was once again sitting in the Toastitron 3000.  He was surrounded by catnip that the Guardians had placed in there, and he looked quite warm and content.  I hoped that the other 16 or more Limbo kitties in the neighborhood had found similar shelter, or that their guardians had at least been kind enough to let them inside while it was snowing.  I wished I could do more to help them all, but it was some comfort to know that at least one of the Limbo kitties was currently toasty and warm on this cold and snowy day.

So Sayeth Otis

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