Opie Is Missing

My Disciples,

Another of My feline brothers has gone missing in the wilderness.  The Guardians just discovered the evidence of this in poster form not too far from our house.  This time the lost kitty is named Opie, and he is a ginger tabby.

Lost Cat Poster for Opie

Opie has gone missing. Because of recent rain and runny ink, his photo is almost missing from his lost poster too. I purr that he is someplace safe.

It has rained a little bit since Opie’s poster went up, and the ink from his photograph was nearly washed away.  Still, if you look closely, you can see that the photo shows Opie and a friend walking on a sidewalk.  This was no door dash escape.  Once again a kitty that was not given safe boundaries disappeared.  Making matters worse, Opie wasn’t microchipped, which will make reuniting him with his family difficult even if he is eventually found.

Purr with Me that Opie is somewhere safe, warm and happy.  Please help Me continue to spread The Good Word about keeping kitties safely contained so no more of these posters will ever be needed.

So Sayeth Otis

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4 responses to “Opie Is Missing

  1. Marcia

    Otis, Do you live in a wild west neighborhood or something? It seems like a lot of cats go missing around there. Where my cats live, in the midwest, we seldom see flyers posted. Though we do have some backyard feline visitors now and then…and well, our first cat adopted us as her family when she came to live on our back deck.

    • Nope. I live in a residential neighborhood in a city of about 1 million people (I’m not sure how many kitties). The people don’t seem to learn very quickly though, because the Guardians of Otis are constantly bringing Me photos of lost cat posters (over 40 so far in just the past 16 months). I would think one lost cat poster would be enough to give someone the hint that a free-roaming kitty might just disappear.

  2. Chris

    Purring for poor little Opie’s safe return or his being adopted by a loving forever rescuer.

    Buggy and family

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