Someone Was Freebasing Banana Catnip!

My Disciples,

Oh My gosh!  I can’t believe what I discovered in the living room today.  I entered the room to find the catnip banana lying on the floor.  It was broken open and the pure, undiluted catnip from inside the banana was spread all over the floor in front of it.  Having had a problem with catnip bananas in the past, I know that the catnip inside the banana is the most potent catnip known to feline-kind.  It should never be used without its protective fruit-shaped sleeve.  But someone in My house had done just that!  They were apparently freebasing the banana catnip!

Freebase Banana Catnip

The evidence was unmistakable. Someone had been freebasing the banana catnip!

Right now, I’m not sure who was partaking in this dangerous and irresponsible behavior, but I intend to find out.  I hate to say it, but My prime suspect is Brother Oliver.  In the past couple weeks he has been laughing at inappropriate times and generally behaving strangely.  One thing is for sure, My Disciples, I will get to the bottom of this!

So Sayeth Otis

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9 responses to “Someone Was Freebasing Banana Catnip!

  1. Batya

    Do you think the Guardians have developed a taste for catnip? Or thought that the catnip banana was a real banana?

  2. I needed a good laugh this afternoon. Thank you.

  3. Chris

    Oh my, time for an intervention methinks!


  4. And that spot on the rug is extremely popular now? Great giggles.

    • It was very popular for a day or two, philosophermouse. Fortunately, banana catnip loses its potency pretty quickly outside of the banana so Brother Oliver and I could enjoy it safely ;-).

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