The New Window Box Is Getting Crowded

My Disciples,

I thought the Guardians had done a good job at solving the window problem from a few days ago, but now a new problem has arisen.  The Brothers and I all love looking out that window so much that we all want to look out of it all the time.  With 47 pounds of tabby on top of the box all at once, things are a bit crowded.  To make matters even worse, Brother Henry’s KBADS causes him to take up way more space than he needs to, and he even knocked heads with Me yesterday!

The Brothers and Otis crowded on top of a box in front of the window.

It's really crowded on the box with 47 pounds of tabby. Brother Henry tried to look out the window and conked his head into Mine!

At this point, I’m not sure what the Guardians can do to remedy the situation.  Actually, I guess they could make both the box and the window large enough to accommodate all of us, but I doubt that they will want to do that.  Frankly, I would be satisfied if they just bought Me a helmet to wear while I am on the box with Brother Henry.

So Sayeth Otis

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3 responses to “The New Window Box Is Getting Crowded

  1. Chris

    If the Guardians were good Guardians they’d just take out that whole wall and replace it with wire along with a large aviary attachment filled with fluttering Crunchies. Right? 😀

  2. But just what is going on outside there?

  3. Awww, I just want to hug 47 pounds of tabby!

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