Another Limbo Kitty Has Appeared

My Disciples,

Lately there’s been a new kitty wandering around in Limbo in My neighborhood.  I think she lives about 4 houses down from us, but she keeps coming to visit because she heard that the Guardians of Otis are very nice to all kitties.  I haven’t spoken to her yet, because I haven’t been in My Outdoor Domain when she has come to visit.  Judging from what the Guardians have been saying though, even if I do get a chance to speak to the new kitty, I don’t think she’ll be able to speak back.  Apparently, she has no voice!  When she tries to meow no real sound comes out other than a little airy rasp.  The Guardians have named her “Whisper.”


Whisper is a new kitty living in Limbo in My neighborhood. She has no voice.

I worry about all cats that are forced to live in Limbo, but I worry even more about Whisper.  If she gets stuck somewhere and can’t get out, or if she gets injured and can’t crawl home, she won’t even be able to cry out for help!

The Brothers, the Guardians and I will continue to do all that we can to convince people that the world without walls is not a safe place for kitties.  I hope that you, My Disciples, will do the same.  Even though she cannot speak for herself, working together we can all help give Whisper a voice.

So Sayeth Otis

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10 responses to “Another Limbo Kitty Has Appeared

  1. 2 cats

    whisper looks gorgeous

  2. Chris

    Oh my, she’s gorgeous, isn’t she, Otis?? 😀

    One of our family members (her name was Toodles) would occasionally lose her voice due to her being a constant talker. Hopefully this is the case with Whisper and her voice comes back.

  3. Oh My! Tell Whisper she can have an indoor home with me! Pack her up and send her to Reno, NV!

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