You Don’t Need A Dog To Play Fetch

My Disciples,

Brother Oliver has something he would like to tell you.  He felt that this message was best delivered in video form, so please take a minute to watch and learn.

So there you have it.  Many thanks to Brother Oliver for bringing us this very important public service announcement!

So Sayeth Otis

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5 responses to “You Don’t Need A Dog To Play Fetch

  1. Brother Oliver is very skilled… such stamina too 😛

  2. Batya

    Cute! And in my experience, cats don’t need to be taught to fetch. They seem to come pre-wired for it. Unlike the dogs I’ve known, who never really got the idea of coming back with whatever was thrown for them. Cats rule; dogs drool. (I love dogs; I just love cats more, and appreciate their far-more-interesting behavior.)

  3. Chris

    And he’s so graceful and the shine of his coat is booteeful! My sister named Bunk plays fetch, but the Monster Cat always ruins it for her by taking her paper ball away. He’s awful.

    Buggy, companion to Chris

  4. Just amazing. I tried to show this instructional video to RC cat who seemed very interested – in the music and watching someone else fetch. ..but flipped tail when asked to try it …so we’ll be working on this a while…

  5. Love the way he signalled the end of playtime by flopping over ‘that’s enough now’ 😀

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