It’s A Box Day Catstravaganza!

My Disciples,

It’s Box Day, and I am so excited!  For those of you who only recently became Disciples of Otis, here is the description of Box Day as written on The Cult of Otis website:

No one knows why, but cardboard boxes are the most interesting things in the universe to a cat. No matter how many fancy beds you buy, no matter how much you spend on cat trees or other kitty “furniture”, no matter how many balls, catnip toys, laser pointers and other items you provide, your cat will lose interest in all of them the moment you place an empty cardboard box on the floor. If a box is present, it must immediately be investigated and, most likely, sat in. Only cats know the secret of the box’s appeal, but Box Day is the day of the year to celebrate your feline’s affinity for all things cardboard. So on December 26, fill an entire room with boxes of varying size, shape and depth and let kitty explore them and sit in them to his or her heart’s desire.

This year, many kitty Guardians, and a few of My technologically-inclined fellow felines, sent in wonderful images that perfectly illustrate what Box Day is all about.  So, without further ado, I bring you the 2011 Box Day Catstravaganza!

Mr. Tom

Disciples of Otis David and Brenda sent in this excellent shot of their dearly departed kitty, Mr. Tom, enjoying a very festive Box. The Brothers and I are sorry that Mr. Tom is no longer with us, but he clearly enjoyed a wonderful life with you, David and Brenda. Thank you both for being such great kitty Guardians for Mr. Tom.

FiFi Le Pu

David and Brenda's other feline companion, FiFi Le' Pu, is celebrating her 18th Box Day this year! I bet she could teach The Brothers and I a thing or two about sitting in a box with all her years of experience! You are an inspiration to us all, FiFi!

Googly cat

Disciple of Otis Sheri sent this lovely image of her Googly cat doing what I love to do in a box. There's nothing like the soothing feeling of cardboard when napping! Your technique is inspiring, Googly cat.

Schmiley Path of Destruction

My feline Disciple Griffon sent in this awesome photo of his brother Schmiley's path of destruction. Good work Schmiley!


Griffon also sent these images of himself in which he demonstrates how to properly investigate and then sit in a box. Nicely done Griffon!

Max in Scrabble box

Disciple of Otis Michelle sent in this beautiful image of her gorgeous boy Maxie showing how to properly sit in a low-profile Scrabble box. Maxie is also among our dearly departed brothers and sisters, but he was clearly a very lucky cat in life. Thanks for giving Maxie the life he deserved, Michelle.


Michelle also sent this image of her tabby boy, Leo. Brother Oliver told Me that if Leo had a bit of rusty color on his nose he could be My twin! He certainly seems to enjoy boxes as much as I do. Way to go My tabby brother!


Disciple of Otis Steve sent in this striking image of Zoop, who appears to be sitting in a tall and narrow box. Very impressive Zoop! If I tried to get into that box I think I would end up with My head at the bottom and My tail sticking out at the top!


Disciple of Otis 2 Cats sent this great photo of her cat, Gizmo, doing what I call "the serious sit". Sometimes box sitting can be serious business. Very nicely done, Gizmo.

Ty side ways

Disciple of Otis Denise sent these excellent images of her cat, Ty, demonstrating two different approaches to sitting in a box that is on its side. Well done Ty!

Ty upright sit

Denise also provided these images of Ty demonstrating a couple of shoebox sitting techniques. What a versatile kitty!

Frida and Gala

My feline Disciple Frida sent in this photo of herself sitting in a box while her sister, Gala, tries to determine if there is also room for her in the box. As everyone knows, the only thing better than one kitty in a box is two kitties in a box! Way to go Frida and Gala!


This photo was sent in by My feline Disciple Thabo. Here's what he had to say: "I am Thabo, kitty of happiness. I rule my domain with an iron claw, most of the time. The photo I am having my guardian send you is of one of my many cardboard hugs in the house. I have to use my body to fill the hugs. Why, you ask? Because my guardian keeps on filling my hugs with my toys. So everyday I have to unpack all my toys, lay them all over the house so I can have my hugs back. Guardians are strange!" I agree, Thabo! And nice job sitting that box...errr, hug!


Disciple of Otis Tracy sent in this image of her kitty, named Digit, using a box as a place to stage an ambush. Digit was lying in wait to attack another of Tracy's kitties named Ty. Very sneaky Digit!


And here is Tracy's other cat, Ty, sitting in a box that contains other boxes, and apparently unaware that Digit is plotting against him. Watch out Ty! Ty and I share a similar history in that, when he was a kitten, he was found wandering alone in the wilderness. He was rescued and eventually adopted by Tracy. Ty has had a rough year because he lost his BFF, Harry, over the summer due to kidney failure. Tracy and Ty miss Harry very much. The Brothers and I offer our condolences for their loss.


Disciple of Otis Marcia sent in this photo of her kitty, Chewy, assuming a position that is meant to draw attention to herself. It seems Chewy was offended that the family was playing with Christmas toys instead of her. She planted herself on top of a toy box to suggest that she is more appealing than any dumb toy. Smart move Chewy!

Kitty in box

Disciple of Otis Monte sent in this wonderful image of a kitten practicing the Art of Sneaky in a box. I don't know what the kitten's name is, but I think it should be Sneaky Sneakerton. That's some good sneaking Sneaky Sneakerton!

Lando Rhys

Disciple of Otis Tracey sent in this image of her dearly departed kitty, Lando Rhys, which shows him "helping" her pack for a cross-country move in 2007. Thank you, Tracey, for giving Lando a long and happy life, and for making sure his box was well-padded for the move!

cat at Penny's hotel

Disciple of Otis Penny was on a trip looking for a rare bird that had been sighted in Eastern Washington. According to Penny, when she opened up the door to her motel room, this kitty ran in, posed on a box, absconded with a catnip toy and generally made himself adorable! Way to recognize and take advantage of a cat lover, mystery kitty!


Penny also shared this photo of her kitty, Razzie, sitting in what appears to be one of the coolest box forts ever! Of course, it would be even cooler if the box in the front still contained its original contents. I bet it still smelled great though, didn't it Razzie?

Daisy in a box

Disciple of Otis Maggie sent in this adorable image of her kitty, Daisy, taking a relaxed approach to sitting in a box. Way to kick back My tabby sister!

Jasper in a box

Maggie also sent in this image of her other kitty, Jasper, showing a great way to be eco-friendly. If you receive a really cool toy, you can play with the toy until you are exhausted, and then you can use the box that the toy came in as a cozy place to rest. See, everything gets used so there is no waste. Way to save the Earth Jasper!

Box Kitty

And last but not least, Disciple of Otis Emily sent in this great shot of her kitty, Lydia, showing how to properly scrunch up paper in a box to form a pillow. That looks soooooooo comfy! Well done, Lydia!

Thanks to all of you who helped make this Box Day catstravaganza possible.  All of these images have been so inspiring that I am now going to go do some box sitting of My own.

Happy Box Day everyone!

So Sayeth Otis

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11 responses to “It’s A Box Day Catstravaganza!

  1. Michelle

    Thank you Otis for including Maxie and Leo in your post! Lookie at all the lovely kitties! Hope you all had a wonderful holiday!

  2. Ah Lando, we hardly knew ye …

  3. Chris

    LOL, these are great!

  4. 2 cats

    thank you for including Gizmo in your blog – though she is getting abit of an ego about it and keeps bopping Billy round the head

  5. My cat is also a boxophile. Thanks to my friend Tracy for sending me to this delightful site. My cat, Jinx, in her favorite Christmas present:

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