Send Me Your Photos For Box Day!

My Disciples,

As you are undoubtedly aware, two important Cult of Otis Holy Days are nearly upon us!  Catsmas arrives on December 24, and Box Day happens two days later on December 26.  I need your help to make this year’s Box Day extra special!  Please send Me photos of your kitties sitting in, climbing on, or otherwise enjoying a cardboard box.  I will feature the photos in a special post here on The Blog of Otis.

Brother Henry in a box

Here's Brother Henry enjoying a box in 2005. Send Me photos of your kitty enjoying a box and I will share them here on The Blog of Otis!

So please send in any images you would like to share by December 25.  Include your kitty’s name and any other important information that you would like to include.  Let’s make this a Box Day to remember!

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